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Sweetie, seven months~

2021-09-03 16:18:01 Photography

today , It's the first time sweetie was born 213 God , She's been seven months so fast ~

Remember when I just added supplementary food to Xiaotiantian , I've been looking forward to her appearance in seven or eight months , Now it's seven months , It seems nothing special .

In this way , Sweetie's eighth month is more common than expected .

however , The little girl is still growing up .

such as , Xiaotiantian can finally change between sitting and climbing freely .

such as , Xiaotiantian's lower tooth bed is finally white . After this , Growing teeth is a quick thing .

In terms of food , Xiaotiantian is really a good breadwinner . Whether it's a supplementary food for babies , Or the usual cereals , She ate with relish .

lately , She fell in love with eating sweet potatoes and pumpkins . I also challenged steamed bread yesterday 、 Bread and corn .

I'm not worried that she'll choke , Because children are much smarter than we think . Small pieces of , She will chew and swallow slowly , And a little big , She will choose to spit out .

Food is everywhere , It doesn't matter , Just wash . Besides, , I think it's very cute for children to eat their faces like little colored cats .

As long as it's her , Naughty or quiet , Her various looks , I love them all .

And sweetie is better than before , The biggest difference is that it sticks to me more , Especially before going to bed at night . I think the main reason why she sticks to me is , She has a long heart , Know more .

such as , Let her hand “ Scratch ” Just reach out and scratch , Just let her meet . Tell her what , She can basically understand .

such as , She knows when I take a bath , She will not see me for a few minutes , therefore , Day or night , Just see me go to the bathroom , Just hum and cry , Express great unhappiness .

But put her on the crawling mat , Go to another room , In a short time , She has no problem .

Two days before , Once I went to take a bath , She is having a good time with her mother-in-law , I'm afraid she'll cry when she sees me go , And sneaked away , Didn't tell her , When she looks back , Didn't see me , She was so angry that she cried stiffly and shivered .

therefore , I changed my strategy , After dinner , When my mother-in-law took her out to play , I'll go home and take a bath first , Sweetie is back , I'll help her wash .

For all that , Xiaotiantian seems to have a shadow in her heart , Keep me out of her sight , Or you'll cry , That cry should not be too aggrieved .

Before, I helped Xiaotiantian wash , After washing her, her mother-in-law or husband helped take her to play , I'll wash it again . Later, after I connected Xiaotiantian with water , I'll hurry to wash , Then her husband or mother-in-law helps her wash .

Do all this , I almost finished at the speed of 100 meters , But Britney still doesn't cry like she looks .

My mother-in-law said , Children are like this , A little bigger. , I know more , It'll be more sticky than it is now, mom .

Sweetie sticks to me , I don't mind , Instead, I'm very happy , It feels like the two of us stay together all day , Into an indivisible whole . She can't live without me , I hate her even more .

It's just , I don't want her to cry so sad . It seems , In the future, we still have to eat earlier in the evening , Take a bath earlier , Let sweetie sleep happily .

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