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Summer vacation "last lunch"

2021-09-03 16:49:47 Literary frequency modulation

    I believe that all the days when we don't meet are on the way to meet .

    I met Yingying in 18 year , Soon after we met, we went to Xinjiang 、 Tibet , A journey makes each other best friends , Later, when she got married, she seldom went to play together , But the connection never stops , She is a very rational 、 Very decisive 、 Changsha girl with her own thoughts , She has something I don't have “ Just. ”, So I always appreciate her character .

    Long time no see , Before she left Changsha, she said to see me , I am very happy to agree . Today, I was excited to get up early and go to the fresh supermarket downstairs to buy vegetables , She said a few days ago that she was losing weight recently , I just strolled around and didn't find a few things I would do , So I bought some lettuce 、 broccoli 、 cucumber 、 lemon 、 tomatoes 、 The steak 、 Rice noodles and vegetable noodles , I'm going to make her a simple western food without using a spatula .

    After buying it, I figured out what I should do , After thinking about it clearly , Remembering that there was another friend nearby, they shouted together , Think of our “ Matchmaker ” I also lived nearby and shouted together . Before the guests come , I went to the kitchen to prepare , I can't help feeling a little embarrassed , Just this green vegetable , How dare you shout so much “ Eat the meat ” People who ? When I was ready to cook, it was difficult , Do you really still want to do that ? Then he settled down , I can only do this , Simple boiling 、 cold …

    After a while, we met , Brought a bunch of flowers , Bright sunflower 、 Red pink roses 、 Bright Persian chrysanthemum 、 Fragrant stars in the sky , Romantic and warm . These flowers get together , Just like our meeting at the moment , Poetic and infinitely distant . Although Yingying had a baby , But it's the same , Exquisite and elegant . Then lilituo came and brought crayfish 、 The white gourd came and brought a bottle of red wine 、 The Feifei family came and brought some fruit , Soon a crowd filled the kitchen .

    It's the first time I cook for seven people , My level of confidence in my cooking is potentially underwater , So I can only ask everyone to help themselves . This wash crayfish 、 The fried steak 、 After I boiled a few dishes , Fried the only dish this time — Shredded carrots . I'm afraid there's not enough vegetarian food for one person , Three more pizza And some snacks , It didn't take long to have a meal .

    My meals are basically boiled , My friend boasted with pride “ I haven't eaten such healthy food for a long time ! I also want to have my own recipe ”, I'm very happy to hear , Children see eels 、 Chicken nugget 、 Doughnuts are also happy . When the food is on the table , Everyone is full of praise. It's really “ Literary and fresh ” A good lunch , I took a look. It's really pretty , Although it may not taste , But I was secretly satisfied with the appearance of this lunch .

    Red wine opens the atmosphere , A few people say a word to me , Eating tasteless dishes 、 Say this interesting thing , Tell the origin of friendship , And planning the follow-up “ Gather ”. After lunch , Everyone began to drink tea quietly 、 Chat , Talk about work 、 Hot topics 、 Talk about planning ……

    The day soon ended , The summer vacation will soon end , This should be the most “ inflation ” Summer vacation , The previous month was busy with learning , The next month, I was busy getting together , It seems that one summer vacation is divided into two , Half to yourself , Half for life . School will start soon , I wish you confidence and hard work in the new semester ~

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