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Daqi mountain - National Forest Park

2021-09-03 17:02:43 Photography

Daqishan National Forest Park is located in Tonglu County, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province , On the South Bank of Fuchun River , It is a comprehensive forest park integrating Jiangnan landscape and grassland scenery .

Daqi mountain is also called “ Seki mountain ”, Shi said “ The first famous mountain in Jiangnan ”. There are mountains in the territory 、 grotesque rock formations 、 canyon 、 Stream waterfall , Take the male 、 risk 、 p. 、 Show 、 Kuang is famous for .

Daqishan National Forest Park is far away from 320 The national highway 1 km , And Tongjun mountain 、 Sail seven miles 、 Fuchunjiang small Three Gorges 、 Yanziling fishing platform together constitutes Fuchunjiang tourism plate .

When I was a child , I often hear adults say that there is a beautiful mountain near damaili village , Name is “ Da Qi Mountain ”, It is said that there are waterfalls on the top of the mountain , After the heavy rain, there will be a spectacular sight of flying down 3000 feet . My home is about seven or eight kilometers away from Damai village , There were no roads at that time , It's just a mountain path , I dare not go alone to find out .

Later I went out to study , It takes six years to go , Then go out to work , After years of tossing and turning , On 2012 In the spring of, I was invited by my classmates to realize my childhood wish . I think it's funny , When I was young, I was busy making a living , It was not until I was nearly half a hundred years old that I was able to enjoy the Daqi mountain I dreamed of when I was a child , Then I went forward several times , Every time I have fun .

Yesterday, , Because old friends meet , The four of us started a tour of Daqi mountain again . Since the Tonglu County Government opened it to local citizens free of charge , It's our first time to visit Daqi mountain for free .

We set out at seven in the morning , It's only 7:16 to drive to the destination , The gate of the scenic spot is still closed , See the notice at the door. It won't open until 8:30 , So we went back to a country road paved with Asphalt , The road is clean and tidy , We walked all the way and enjoyed the scenery on both sides of the road , After a short walk, I came to the reservoir by the stream , Take a closer look at , Green mountains and green waters , The green mountains are reflected on the water , it !

I quickly took out my mobile phone and took a beautiful picture , Both body and mind are immersed in the scenery of lakes and mountains .

Xibian reservoir

Around 8:30 , We returned to the entrance of Daqi mountain on time , Took a group photo at the door , Everyone has a happy smile on their faces .

Go to the ticket gate and be told to go to the building where the entrance comes in to handle the on-site reservation procedures , Mainly due to epidemic prevention and control , Each tourist needs to show his ID card and health code , We are local people , So you can visit the scenic spot for free . Remember the previous tickets were 110 element , Local people can enjoy half price with their ID card 60 Yuan for tickets .

Because of the restriction of tickets , Usually, we don't often visit Daqi mountain , After all, this is not a small sum of money . Now the county government is open to local citizens free of charge , It's really a good thing to do practical things for the people !

We walked halfway up the mountain and returned , Because she has an old friend who is going to attend her niece's birthday party , On the way down the mountain, I met many foreign tourists , Let's put on our masks , Protect yourself , After all, this is an extraordinary time , Although our domestic epidemic prevention and control is proper , In particular, our Zhejiang provincial government has paid close attention to , Well done in epidemic prevention , But be careful to sail for ten thousand years !

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