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I'm smart, but I'm not smart

2021-09-03 17:24:25 Photography

      People say “ Smart, but I ”, I'm sorry , Is to point out what the family said . Don't see that your family hasn't done anything , He can do whatever he learns , Very smart , As soon as you learn, you will . If you have a little concentration, bless him , Whatever you learn , He will soon .

Master Yulin of the Qing Dynasty was in Nianhua temple —— It's the temple where I was disciplined , He was the abbot of the temple . The emperor came to visit him in the temple , He left the emperor there to eat fast . But the window paper of the fast room is broken , The wind blew loudly , Master Yulin took the rice grains from the bowl to the table , The little monk went to take out the rice grain , Get a piece of paper and stick the hole .

Qianlong sighed : It's amazing ,“ Smart, but I ”. Master Yulin praised the Emperor :“ Smart but Emperor .” Although this is a story , Look, little monk , There are many things we can't think of , He did a good job for you . This is called outward intelligence .

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