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Aunt Wang Shiguo (94)

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With brother Sansheng 、 Uncle Shisheng 、 Uncle Houbao 、 Great uncles , It began to circulate on major infrastructure construction sites of urban construction all year round , It means the people who are most difficult to survive in the world outside the mountain , Can also rely on their own strength , Legally, I have a bite to eat .

thus ,hs The youth of the Bay , Can be said to be : There are three ways of soldiers , Out of the nest .

A dedicated team followed the school and the army . A long-term rush to the eastern coastal cities and the Pearl River Delta . One in H Capital construction sites in cities under the jurisdiction of the province .

Almost all hs Young working age population , All go to the city .

thus ,hs bay , Except for orphans and widows, old and young , Left behind children , Almost an empty city .

see , Only the lame uncle Xiao , Almost want to find someone to talk to , It's hard .

As smart as Uncle Xiao , The sequelae of lameness after meningitis , As you grow older , It seems hopeless to marry a wife .

And everyone around me has hair and feet 、 Healthy peers , Have embarked on the road to the city .

Even if it's the big black gun uncle Xiao saw , because hs Young people in the Bay , Everyone is in town , Double cropping rice is no longer planted , Change to a season . This season's medium rice , All are hs The old parents in the Bay are planting , Industrious and used to hs Bay old man , Reluctant to abandon the good land . Then there was a plow , The plow replaced daheku's cattle position . therefore ,hs Bay people , No one raises cattle , Daheku is also lonely .

Many years later , Although xiaofeiyu tries to understand : The loneliness uncle Xiao once experienced . Peers around , All gone away , The lame uncle Xiao Bao , Surrounded by a sea of loneliness , But I still can't feel it .

or , Xiao Feiyu couldn't understand it : Uncle Xiao will put it around his neck , Set a basket , Hang yourself ?

That year , On that day , When Uncle Xiao was found , Not in hs bay , But in a forest .

It's at a distance hs There are seven in the bay 、 Eight miles away in the woods , It's not hs The village where the bay is located , Jurisdiction , But separated by several villages and yards .

The people in that land , Someone is in that forest , Found uncle Xiao hanging from the .

then , Someone's coming hs Bay news , Tell Grandma Tao : Uncle Xiao is in the woods of their land , Tie a rope to a tree , Hang yourself .

Uncle Xiao , When everyone is enjoying the dividends of the development of this era , Can't get out of the overwhelming loneliness , Uncle Xiao , Lost the courage to continue to live , Choose to use a basket ( Palm rope ), Killed himself in that forest .

Kind uncle Xiao , He was afraid of hanging himself , Will scare hs Bay people , Crippled uncle Xiao , He tried to die , Are dragging a pair of , Walk with high and low feet , Went out of town , Walked seven 、 Bali road , End yourself .

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