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Don't go fishing for the best

2021-09-03 17:55:53 Photography

lush southern-type fields north of the great wall

Resources will dry up sooner or later , Many data have no possibility of regeneration or limited regeneration ability .

Live a luxurious life for your generation , Almost crazy to dig resources from the ground . This behavior must be awesome : stop !

Our attitude towards life , In other words, our outlook on life and values have problems , Live a noble life , Than rich sun rich , A little silver is arrogant . And there is a tendency to pursue a vicious circle .

Spiritual civilization and material civilization should be grasped with both hands . It looks like today. , This is more reasonable. In fact !

When luxury houses and cars are black everywhere , The light of civilization will be submerged . Natural resources give natural life a suitable environmental space , The best way to fish , It's a sharp blade hanging over our heads , The possibility of falling at any time is great !

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