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Frequently salute steles and sweep feathers

2021-09-03 18:41:35 Photography skills

In fact, I wrote Yan Ti or the Qin Li stele in it is relatively early , But three days drying the net and two days fishing , It's all fleeting , And I draw the knot by myself. These are purely self-study , So I also got a bad habit of writing very fast , Nevertheless, I still feel the charming beauty in his solemnity .

After a long time, write face again , And it is the most personal and profound thing in Duke Lu's later years , Naturally, I can't do what I want , And I feel that what I wrote is not as good as in the past , Mainly in detail and composition , This is the conclusive evidence that he has regressed , I think I can make some efforts in these aspects . In other words, there is a possibility of healing , This is the mystical confidence I have at this point .

So how to work hard ? First of all, let's take a look at some things written by others ( Lu Gongfa milk , Zebe Millennium ), Not long ago, a famous calligraphy Professor , Note that it is not Mr. Chen Zhongkang, a famous calligrapher , He clearly pointed out Yan Qinli's stele 、 The pagoda is a zombie , You shouldn't learn , Etc., etc. . I think people today for that false name , It's not surprising that I don't stop talking , But it lacks profound cultural connotation , So it's hard to avoid nonsense . Of course, Mr. Chen's words still have some truth , After all, not all of us are Qigong masters , Can be like an old gentleman “ Look at the pen through the blade ”, It really depends on everyone's innovation ability and overall style , There is nothing we can do about it . And since there are 《 From the book 》 Those inks survive , You can really work on that , So this is just my opinion .

Relatively speaking, Yan ti's list book, that is, big characters, is the most beautiful , That feeling describes the breadth and depth of Chinese culture , Let's go and have a look at the big character lists of inscriptions that still exist in the old city , Basically speaking, they are mainly based on facial style, or at least refer to the writing method of facial style , For example, Mr. Qigong has many inscriptions , If you put it in capitals , Always feel not so good , Not so imposing . The willow body is naturally better , In general . Why is this ? This is because of the massiness of Duke Lu , His informal , The great man's heroism , Fearless spirit is like a dragon and an elephant , Indeed, it can span the ages , Therefore, the two kings' Dharma book to Duke Lu is a new face .

In the past, when I entered kaimeng , One of the two or the other that must be practiced is the face , The second is willow body , Why? ? Because this is in terms of temperament , Yan Zhenqing, Zhongyi , Liu Gongquan is lofty , This is what Mr. Zhang Xiaoming of Shanghai said ,( Former Vice Chairman ), It makes a lot of sense , So when we learn face style , Not only to study the unique structural points , And focus on another aspect of him , That is, how to reflect his temperament , Refer to its artistic conception . So when writing face , Many teachers ask us to have respect , Be awed , Only in this way can we get his best , And spiritual things come down in one continuous line , It plays an irreplaceable role in cultivating temperament and cultivating Psychology , So it's not that other things are bad , It's about getting started , A loyal and upright person , Basically, it is the perfect temperament and ideal performance of ancient Chinese literati , So from this point of view, we think there is a certain reason for the style to be like a man .

I can't cover up the fact that I'm facing too bad , But if you dare to post, it also shows that your face is outside the wall and the fort , It can also be seen , I am determined to throw bricks to attract jade with my own spirit , So this is something we have to admire , Ha ha a smile , well , Thank you for your attention .

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