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Beauty picture: the beauty of human freedom

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《 Beauty map 》 yes 2008 Korean ancient costume erotic film released in , It is a love tragedy adapted from the legend of the Korean gifted custom painter Shen Runfu , Mainly about Shen Runfu and teacher Jin Hongdao 、 The emotional entanglement between the street vendor Jiang Wu .

The tragedy of love triangle . Teacher Jin Hongdao actually knew Shen Runfu in his childhood very early , Has been silently guarding this Daisy like love . In the teaching of painting , Jin Hongdao has no reservations about Shen Runfu , Always show the meaning of cherishing talents . Their teachers and disciples , Play the piano and draw together , Go out to collect wind together , I thought this beautiful day could last like this . But Jiang Wu was killed in the middle , Jiang Wu is young, Li Sheng 、 Unrestrained and unrestrained 、 Justice and frankness , It's like a runaway wild horse , Suddenly captured Shen Runfu's heart . Jiang Wu took her to eat well , Go to the busy market , Peeping ; Make bronze mirrors together 、 Riding a horse 、 Frolic . Their love is full of the beauty of human nature and freedom . however , The seeds of tragedy have long been planted , Teacher's distortion 、 Jiang Wu's persistence , It will inevitably lead to the tragedy of love . The so-called man is innocent , Choi whose SINS . All good people , It's hard to avoid being framed by villains .《 Beauty map 》 in , The envy of prostitutes and colleagues in the painting gallery , Further catalysed the tragedy .

《 Beauty map 》 The beauty of includes fresh market life , Beautiful landscape and beautiful carcass , All this was painted into genre paintings by Shen Runfu . The reason for drawing these vernacular genre paintings , Shen Runfu's explanation is ,“ This is a purely natural person , I can't stand the temptation because I like it , I think it's fragile and beautiful ”.

Western body art originated from ancient Greek civilization has been 2000 Years of history , The West regards the human body as pure , The embodiment of sincerity and beauty . And China , See the human body as a tool for desire and pornography , Nude paintings can only be seen in the picture of spring palace .20 At the beginning of the century ( the Republic of China era ), China introduced body painting , But until 1981 year , Only then did art schools begin to draw nude body paintings . Thus we can see that , Oriental lag in human body art .

18 century , Korean society is deeply influenced by Chinese Confucian thought of etiquette, righteousness and shame . Shen Runfu's genre painting , It had a great impact on the court at that time , Tragedy is conceivable .

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