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Copper, vase and flower

2021-09-03 18:42:04 Photography skills

What are the flowers created by intangible cultural heritage copper vase and copper melting process ?

People say , art (Art), From life , And higher than life , Such intangible cultural heritage is really beautiful !

/*  Vase and aloes

Is there a feeling of practice ? With a Zen flavor . Indifference to make clear one's ambition, tranquility to reach far .

Zhu Bingren copper , There are two exquisite brass objects in the small gift box : Copper vials and small copper saucers . The shape of a small copper bottle is like a miniature porcelain bottle , About size 6.8cm / 2.3cm; The shape of a small copper shampoo is like a blooming rose petal , About size 4cm / 1cm. texture of material : brass , Very cute .

/* Vase and flower

Zhu Bingren's copper works , A pair of exquisite pocket copper vases , And two small bunches of molten copper flowers , Golden pine and plum blossom , Refined and refined , incomparable .

I think , The biggest highlights of these two works of art fall on the golden pine and plum blossoms created by copper melting process , So beautiful that people can't move their eyes .

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