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Tokyo: a growing city under construction

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Tokyo is located in the middle of Kanto Plain in Japan , It became one of the major cities in the Tokugawa Shogunate era , It's the Japanese economy 、 Politics 、 Culture 、 The center of transportation .

After the Second World War , Tokyo on the basis of reconstruction , Develop into the world's commercial finance 、 A place of popular culture and fashion , With the economic take-off , Tokyo was once the largest city in Asia .

《 Tokyo biography 》 The author of this book is Stephen . Mansfield , A British writer living in Japan , Strong insight into Tokyo's architecture and emerging culture .

An American architect said :“ City is an open book , His ambition can be seen from it ”.

One 、 Found Tokyo

The book records 1877 year 6 month 19 Japan , American zoologist Edward set out from Yokohama to Xinqiao , Study brachiopods , Accidentally found a site .

The site was determined by relevant experts to be from 5000 A pile of sea fan shells from the bronze age years ago , Here, archaeologists found many more pottery , It can be inferred that human beings have carried out agricultural planting activities here .

The book says , The village group in the rising place of Tokyo crosses three rivers , Namely , Yukata Kawa 、 Arakawa and Edogawa .

A plain formed by the impact of rivers , Is where humans choose to live in groups .

The author records in the book , Tokyo was inhabited by humans long ago . In the earliest days , There are Korean people who do not settle along the coast of utagawa .

In different legends , A fisherman once found a huge statue of Guanyin Buddha in yutianchuan , This makes popular people believe , This is a place blessed by the gods .

Crustal movement will divert rivers , People will also move with the river .

Now Tokyo , It has been difficult to trace the shadow of a thousand years ago , It becomes very attractive .

For the myths and legends of Tokyo , The author mentions in the book that , Mediation of the war of the gods , The goddess turns into a fish , Guide the Lord of the earth on a hill , Build a fortress , Name it “ Edo ”, This is the earliest prototype of Tokyo .

Two 、 Build Tokyo

Every city , There will be his builders .

In the book, the author shares the builders of Tokyo --- Tokugawa Jiakang , The author believes that Tokugawa Jiakang has an engineer's way of thinking .

1950 The Nian Tokugawa family came to Tokyo , Facing the Tokyo fishing village embraced by the swamp , They are going to build their own castle here .

The Tokugawa family met broad prospects here , They said that Tokyo is at the mouth of Ligen River , The location near the sea is very satisfactory , Although there seems to be nothing here now , But a favorable geographical location is the basis for everything .

1600 Years later, , The Tokugawa family began to take advantage of their ruling advantages , Build a strong castle in Tokyo to protect yourself .

In the author's opinion , Anyone will be obsessed with their own safety , This psychological demand is also fully reflected in the construction of the castle . such as , The water system outside the castle is perfect , In order to fill their own shortcomings , They actively receive advice from others , use 10 Years of time , Finish building the castle , Have 48 A yard and 100 A city with many halls , Show signs .

later , When it was occupied by other generals , Constantly renovate and supplement , such as 1606 In, a general built a tea garden here , Used to adjust the humidity of the air .

Follow the castle , The area around it has gradually become the center of the city , Citizens live together , The market is bustling , Fireworks are popular .

3、 ... and 、 Charm Tokyo

1959 British poet kirkapp came to Tokyo , He felt , Tokyo is a huge industrial suburb , Noisy and ugly . meanwhile , The poet felt that Tokyo was full of vitality .

The author mentions in the book that , Those years of key construction in Tokyo , Architects from all over the world rushed to the city , I hope I can have the opportunity to participate .

After all , Only such cities , More opportunities to give full play to their design ideals .

There are many new buildings in Tokyo , Tall buildings have sprung up , Mixed with some old streets , The city began to exude new charm , From the outside , Unique and independent .

Tokyo Tower as a landmark , Standing in the city , Quite dazzling .

There are many cities in the world in the process of continuous construction , Become a new Center . With the development of economy, Tokyo has become the financial center of Japan , And attract many investors from all over the world .

The author has lived in Tokyo for many years , See the endless stack of old and new buildings in Tokyo , Especially at night , The city is glittering with neon , Shining over the city , Charm is endless .

《 Seattle Book Review 》 Yes 《 Tokyo biography 》 The assessment is : It provides a wonderful way to observe the city . We went through the infancy of the shogunate , Through the growth pains of its grumpy adolescence , Finally came its modern days . It's in the process , The city tries to find itself , Gradually build their own identity .

Every city has its own story , The story is about the lives of ordinary people and the changes of times and history , arranged in a crisscross pattern , Together into a long river of time , Form the urban style we see today .

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