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The mid autumn moon is full and I miss my hometown

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How time flies , Time flies .

Twinkling of an eye , I have been working outside for more than ten years , Think twice about your family during the holidays .

When the Mid Autumn Festival is approaching , I miss my hometown very much .

Chongqing Road

How many times have I been in a foreign land , But I dream back to my hometown , Meet your hometown —— Meet in Huaiyuan streets of Millennium ancient town , Taste the unique flavor of hometown “ Three wonders of Huaiyuan ”; Meet on the most beautiful rural road in China , Bounty yellow rape 、 Inspect ten thousand mu of good farmland ; Meet under the old city wall engraved with the traces of years , Recall the historical vicissitudes of war ; Meet by the rippling Wenjing River , Taste the rich fragrance of tea and books ; Also met in the quiet and elegant painting pool , Feel the colorful movement of Tang style and song rhyme ……

The painting pool

  However , In the end, it is unrealistic to meet in a dream , The reality is true .

When I return to my hometown , I saw that the low and shabby traditional stores in the old city had been sealed , When included in the demolition planning , I can't help feeling sad again .

although , I know it is one of the indispensable measures in the development planning of my hometown . But being a stranger in a foreign land , Only a little bit of the past left in my hometown is my warm emotional sustenance in a foreign land !

Now the old city is going away , The memory of my hometown will also fade away , I can't help feeling sad , I can't help it .

But fortunately, , The old city passed away , In exchange for new city construction . Looking at today's hometown , It has become an indispensable city on the Chengdu Plain “ Emerald City ”——300 Many square kilometers of virgin forest ,900 The Tianfu forest plate of the block , It's the national treasure of the giant panda “ Love corridor ”, It is the green lung heart of the land of abundance .

Hometown has a long history 、 The profound cultural heritage is still inherited and carried forward today —— Lao Tzu's thoughts spread in the streets ; Lu you 、 The brilliant poems of Du Fu and other literati have been read one after another in children's mouths ; Archaic style 、 Ancient rhyme 、 The thick culture of ancient appearance is intertwined with modern civilization , Is writing a more far-reaching chapter in history .

Minghu Park

More Than This , The suburban industrial parks in the hometown have been built one after another , Let the villagers have more employment opportunities ; The rise of Chinatown in the city , Show the architectural style of the ancient style and poetry of the hometown incisively and vividly ; The successful settlement of Wanda Plaza , Let the hometown realize the one-stop service of entertainment and shopping ; The smooth completion of West Sichuan Tourism Ring Road , It is attracting more foreign tourists into their hometown 、 Appreciate the different style of my hometown ; The Chengpu high-speed railway that has been opened to traffic 、 Yangma new town and other projects under planning , It is bound to bring a bigger market to our hometown 、 More business opportunities .

Wanda Plaza

In my hometown , When I heard your good news in a foreign land , I'm so excited . As a wanderer , How I wish to see your rapid development and changes .

Now , Exciting economic blueprints are becoming a reality step by step with the efforts of the people in their hometown , I'm only proud , More pride . 

Chongzhou station of Chengpu high speed railway

Now , Every time I look back at the past of my hometown , I heard that my hometown is now , Looking forward to the future of my hometown , My heart is surging !

It is said that the fallen leaves should go back to their roots , I look forward to returning to my hometown in the near future , Work hard with you , Dedicate my youth and strength !

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