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Happiness of breaking away

2021-09-03 18:43:38 Life journey

The newly bought floor mat is , Spread it quickly after dinner , Tidy up your son's toy area , I still found a lot of things , It's not what I expected , I also feel how many useless things I bought . I am a person who has a hobby of hoarding goods , what , I don't know how many daily necessities such as oil rice paper have been hoarded , So is buying vegetables , I don't feel safe if I don't pile up the refrigerator . It's much better now , I like the refreshing feeling at home , I want to lose all the useless things , When you see something cost-effective, you will first think about whether it is necessary to buy .

I lost a lot of clothes at home , Toys, too , In fact, I think we need very little , A lot of things are very good. It's a pity to lose them all the time , But it's useless , Take up space , It also affects the beauty .

Break away and continue , I hope the home is more simple and refreshing , I am also , Do more subtraction for yourself , Make yourself relaxed .

Today is a beautiful day , My son followed me to work all day , Dinner was cooked by Mr. Zi , It tastes good .

Run for half an hour in the morning , I like the cool autumn wind in the morning , I believe that I try to stick to it , Good things will come as scheduled .

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