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2021-09-03 19:11:37 Life journey

Too hard and easy to fold , Why not go with it . Life is like water , Very good .

Often try to be a water person , Follow the trend , Moisten everything , But some things are innate , Although I'm not hard , But it's really a fire woman , Always like a little firecracker , A few crackles , There was only a broken piece of debris .

Socializing is an ability , I don't seem to have . Not only is there no , And it seems more and more exclusive . Watching others shuttle smoothly among the crowd like loach , Feel at ease , I really envy .

And now , Being in the midst of the excitement , Often clumsy 、 Silent and awkward . Want to come , Those who are like fish in water in public , It should be extremely confident and superior !

Such ability is not expected in this life .

I just hope I can become a woman in this impermanent life , Not be overwhelmed by secular and fate , Let it , No anxiety, no irritability , No matter what difficulties you encounter , Can move forward like water , It's time to go around , It's time to rush , Successfully reach the ideal sea .

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