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Forward a passage from a classmate

2021-09-03 19:11:44 Photographic travel works

    Notes : Recently, Dalian “ Prosperous Tang Dynasty • Little Kyoto ”, Yes , That's what some people call “ The Japanese wind is clear ” The sightseeing and shopping area has been built and opened to the outside world , For a time, it aroused heated discussion on the Internet . I quite agree with my classmates , So forward .

    Every nation has its own advantages , There is an excellent cultural heritage of each nation . Human beings are absorbing their essence , Discard the dregs , Learn from each other , Develop and progress in the process of learning from each other . Patriotism is not seclusion , Close the door and refuse to leave . Not forgetting national humiliation is to inspire future generations to strive for self-improvement , Instead of pulling hatred , Hate to gnash their teeth and die of old age .

    Yes , During the second world war , Japan invaded China , Committed unforgivable crimes against the Chinese nation . In the early days of reform and opening up , Japan has also provided great help to China , Cities at all levels interact with their Japanese counterparts “ China Japan Friendship City ”,“ China and Japan will continue to be friendly from generation to generation ” Isn't your voice very high !“ A friend is better off than a friend .” The attitude of the Chinese people 、 The position has long been clear , Treat Japanese militarism differently from the Japanese people , Because the Chinese people know , The world will eventually abolish its borders , All mankind will eventually come together .**    Carrying books thousands of miles is only for the wall ,     What's the harm in giving him three feet ?     The great wall can still be seen in ,     I don't see the first emperor of Qin .**

    Just four sentences and a poem , The two families each obey and retreat three feet . Form a six foot alley , Enjoy humility for generations .

    Well known “ Liuchi Lane ” The story of good neighborliness and friendship , This is not good ?    The classmate's article is as follows

    From a historical point of view , Japanese culture comes from Chinese culture , Most of the buildings in Kyoto, Japan imitate the architectural styles of Luoyang and Chang'an in the Tang Dynasty . In the Tang Dynasty , Japan has sent... Many times “ Send Tang emissary ”, After returning home, they described me in detail 、 The splendor of Chang'an capital , It takes Luoyang and Chang'an buildings as models and integrates some Japanese architectural elements , We planned, designed and built Kyoto in this style that we can see now . Due to war and many historical reasons , The architecture of the Tang Dynasty has hardly been preserved in China , And Kyoto architecture imitating the style of the Tang Dynasty , But through 1200 Well preserved for many years , so far , Or full of the legacy of the prosperous Tang Dynasty . When tourists walk on Kyoto street, they seem to have crossed China's Tang Dynasty , People can't help feeling the glory of the Tang Dynasty ! Dalian Jinshitan Japanese style street shows more of the architectural style of the prosperous age of the Tang Dynasty , Unfortunately, this style of Tang architecture can no longer be seen in our country .

    There is no essential connection between Japanese militarism and imitating the architectural style of Kyoto in the Tang Dynasty , Japanese militarism cannot be equated with the Japanese people , If you really want to reflect patriotism , To ban the so-called Japanese culture ( In fact, it is the architectural culture of the Tang Dynasty ) If you invade , Spend so much talk against the Japanese style street , Might as well suggest that the Chinese government completely ban the sale of Japanese brand cars , Various Japanese products and household appliances , No travel to Japan , No Japanese food , It is forbidden to exchange Ambassadors with Japan , No navigation with Japan , The introduction of advanced Japanese technology is prohibited , Drive all Japanese invested enterprises out of the country , Japanese classes are prohibited in schools , Chinese are forbidden to learn Japanese , Demolition of Dalian railway station , Demolish the original Dalian hotel ( Formerly known as Dahe Hotel ) The building of the , Dismantle Dalian tram …… The founding leader said :“ The Chinese people can distinguish Japanese militarism from the Japanese people .”

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