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A thousand years debate, the goose lake meeting

2021-09-03 22:29:14 Life journey

In the history of ancient Chinese Philosophy , There are two schools that must be difficult to cross . The first is “ Cheng Zhu's Philosophy ”, Also known as “ Cheng Zhu's Taoism ”, The main representatives are Cheng Hao in the Northern Song Dynasty 、 Cheng Yi and Zhu Xi in the Southern Song Dynasty . The second one is “ Lu Wang's Psychology ”, The main representatives are Lu Jiuyuan in the Northern Song Dynasty and Wang Yangming in the Ming Dynasty .

Let's talk about it first. “ Science ”. It is inherited from Zisi 、 Mencius School of mind Confucianism , Think it's reasonable ( God , Avenue ) Is the origin of all things in the universe , Everything in the world “ Why ”, It must be because there is a “ The reason is ”, And by studying the truth of things ( Objects ), Can achieve the purpose of understanding the truth ( To know ).

Say again “ Wang yangming ”. It also belongs to a school of Confucianism , It can be traced back to Mencius , hold ‘ heart ’ As the origin of everything in the universe , emphasize “ The universe is my heart , My heart is the truth ”, Think that everything in the world is in the heart .

It is worth mentioning that , The two schools also had a once-in-a-lifetime confrontation in history . The second year of Chunxi in the Southern Song Dynasty (1175 year ), In Xinzhou ( Today, e Hu Town, Qianshan County, Shangrao City, Jiangxi Province ) Ehu Temple , Held a famous philosophical debate .

The representatives of both sides are Zhu Xi, a master of Neo Confucianism, and Lu Jiuyuan, a master of psychology , All around “ The method of teaching people ” There was a heated debate on the issue of , Later generations will call this major event “ path-breaking debate ”.

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