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First day of primary school

2021-09-04 01:23:07 Photography

My daughter will go to primary school tomorrow , I'm going to be a primary school student .

The whole family attaches great importance to , According to the requirements of the parents' meeting , Purchased school supplies in advance 、 Tableware for lunch .

Tidy up your schoolbags , Take out your school uniform and put it on , Draw a line .

It's the end of the basic work .

The child's primary school is opposite grandma's house , most 150m Distance of .

In order to get a good entrance on the first day , Simply moved to grandma's house one day in advance .

morning 7:00 The clock , The family got up .

having dinner 、 Wash 、 dress , And then I will go to the school calmly to report .

Send to the school gate , From a distance, I watched the children enter the classroom under the guidance of the teacher , Many parents are still reluctant to leave for a long time .

Afternoon 3:20 Leave school , The girl jumped out of school .

Seems to have adapted well , Because he is tall , Arranged in the last row of the classroom . Noon school lunch , The children love . The size of the mat is just right .

The first day of school went well .

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