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2021-09-04 02:39:02 Life journey

Life comes and goes . Everyone has their own story , An unknown plot , Filled in the bottom of my heart , I don't know where I came from , But really , Engraved in the silhouette of time .

People are always contradictory . Simple and complex , Happy and sad , Warm and cold . Yearn for freedom and don't want to be bound , Want to run with the wind and lose your way . Accept or change , Insist or give up ?

Life is a maze , Found the entrance , And tried hard to find a way out . Some people walk to see the scenery , The eyes are stars . Some people complain all the way , Only confusion , See dust . Who can predict the future ? Whatever you choose , It's all the same goal —— Find a way out in the maze , So as to realize their dreams in this unpredictable era .

《 Who moved my cheese 》 It is a simple and philosophical Fable .“ If you have cheese, you will have happiness ”,“ Who gives up old cheese first , Who can get new cheese ”,“ The more important cheese is to you , The more you want to catch it ”.

Everyone's heart has what they want “ cheese ”, What you're after “ cheese ” What is it? ?

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