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On "long essay" and "short essay"

2022-05-15 04:21:24Literary frequency modulation

The flowers this morning

【 WuJie school year IP Camp punch card No 131 God ,1245 word , Cumulative 160175 word 】

Some time ago , I inadvertently followed a official account owner , hecaitou . Today I see him more gentle “ A squeeze , And then there is ”, I feel very reasonable . It's like I've been walking and stopping in the fog , No direction , Suddenly I saw a beam of light ahead ; It's like when you're confused , Who is there? “ Bang ” A gong sounded .

Because he has no , Because I told myself , I can't write long , I've been shouting for half a year “ Day watch 2000”, The results are written every day 1000 A little more will automatically end . I can say , Can't I control my hand ? It's rare to write a novel , One or two thousand words , It looks like a novel outline .

Can not ? Or not ??

Mr. hecaitou has a particularly incisive metaphor for long and short essays , He said :“ The structure of the short passage is different from that of the long one . To build a small house is to build a small house , Changwen is building tall buildings . I can't scale it up , Enlarge the size and structure of the small house 4 times , You can get a decent big house . If this holds , I thicken every hair 10 times , Why don't you stop balding ? However , That's not human at all , It's a monster . therefore , I have to redesign a structure , Go and fix Changwen's load-bearing wall , So as not to collapse due to its own weight in the middle of writing .” I think so .

Of course , The main purpose of this article by Mr. Cai is that he has broken through his self imposed limitations , Very happy , Then I reflected on my past . He said , He's like a toothpaste skin now , Squeeze and , "One" and "one" . I admire his state , This is probably a pre breakthrough “ Bottleneck period ”, Break through the , He has a new tube of toothpaste .

What about me , What kind of state do I belong to ? I probably belong to the toothpaste just opened , It's not that I'm inexhaustible , But I'm used to writing without effort 1000 word , But I soon found out , There's no toothpaste . however , I probably shouldn't squeeze , And I don't know what to do , You can only replace it with a new one , Waste does not say , There's no progress yet , Tragedy .

I analyzed it carefully , The objective reasons are as follows :

One , My life is too regular , Get up early every morning and run , Tutoring homework at work and home , Early to bed, …… cycle , It doesn't make much difference every day , Only a little emotional ups and downs .

Aiming at this , I think I should try my best to try a new experience every day . Instead of making life a routine , Although labor-saving , It's boring after a long time .

Two , My thoughts are not deep enough , The same thing , My view is generally superficial , Unable to explore the deep meaning .

middle-aged , My life experience is probably like this , You can only choose to read more , Read books that can upgrade your mind . I prefer reading novels , So the knowledge absorbed is limited .

3、 ... and , My writing time is too fragmented , And not fixed . therefore , I often have to sleep before I remember , There is no day to watch today , Then he hurried up enough words and went to sleep . Many times I want to give up , I don't want to be more... For the sake of day . however , I know that too. , Once I put down my pen , It's estimated that it's hard to pick it up in the last month or two . Many times before , I give up like this .

In the future, I will be in a hurry , Try to start writing early , If you can finish it in the morning, you won't write it in the afternoon , It's easier to keep reading in the evening . This point , Potatoes stick very well . Before going to bed every day , He spent an hour reading extracurricular books , Still reluctant to put it down to sleep . It's worth learning .

Teacher hecaitou also analyzed , When external forces intervene , Emotions can't make waves . Just like I used to read 《 Elephant and elephant rider 》, Human reason is like riding an elephant man , Reason is the elephant . We should always hold on to the rope in our hands . It seems , I still have to take part in group activities , Next novel Marathon , I'll try it, too .

in summary , I can write long articles , It's just that emotions tend to be more comfortable , Don't want to write too long . Try more new things in the future , Read deep books , Write this morning , Um. , Then with the help of external forces, I can help myself .

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