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You may not be able to live the life you want all at once

2022-05-15 04:21:31Literary frequency modulation

I've been thinking about , When this autumn and winter pass , When the wind warms up , Let's go to our new home , The sun is free , Dust is free . Life has reached the familiar stage again , When the work at hand becomes more and more difficult , Always trying to dial up the time , Delusion to rely on external forces to avoid some difficulties . Hold back a heart , Accumulate light on the pages every day , Diffuse together at dusk , There are always more things you want to do than you can do . Vent yourself when the weather is fine , Count the days with your fingers , Soon , Soon there will be new differences and new encounters , In such a short time , But I always feel that I can't cross it .

Every night I always want to erase all faces , Erase all wounds , Dilute the thick love . I want to live with a calm heart without hindrance , Not like now , Always questioning, doubting, overturning . Some moments , I looked full of todolist, Think back to the ideals you vowed before , Suddenly I can't find the basic point of everything . Do we all live in the illusion of self deception ? Who made those rules , Who wants us to be happy , It's best to love , Better work hard , It's best to be a good person , OK, so what , Who decides good and evil . I suddenly felt that there was no need to , There's nothing that can't be . Even chasing life , After all, I just have to . I just have to choose something to support me , Make me , Help me .

Like a little baby drawing lots , You have to catch something, don't you ? If nothing is achieved , Idleness is allowed , How much love is still strong . Sometimes I can't seem to separate the elements of faith and vanity in my persistence day after day . Sedation , Take off the headphones , Close your notes , Go downstairs for dinner , Social brick moving , Days are still flowing , Otherwise, the material of the story will be blank , Where does the profundity of poetry come from .

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