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Teacher Qin Yi under the lens of teacher Danniang

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Teacher Danniang's yard

Teacher Danniang is a famous photographer in Shanghai , Mr. Zhou Niang's photography is deeply loved by people , Teacher Qin Yi in her camera , Let's see Mr. Qin Yi's style again . I'd like to share with you .

Teacher Danniang's yard

Teacher Qin Yi talks with great confidence , Kind and warm . As if teacher Qin Yi was sitting opposite , We are listening to her earnest teachings . Look at that white hair that radiates the glory of history , It tells us the ups and downs of teacher Qin Yi's life ; Look at those sunny eyes , It makes us feel that teacher Qin Yi is full of enthusiasm for life . Miss Qin Yi didn't leave us !

You see , Miss Qin Yi sat there , She's staring at you , She's admiring you . You are inspired by it , So you work harder .

Teacher Qin Yi seems to be saying : Yes , That's true , You have a point . Learn to listen , Learn to appreciate , No arrogance , No fear of hardship , This is what I admire most about teacher Qin Yi .

Teacher Qin Yi with the same style . Wind and rain for a hundred years , Teacher Qin Yi has always been full of positive energy , Alone in old age , Take care of everything by yourself . A cup of porridge 、 A simple dish is a meal , Simple and warm . Good attitude makes teacher Qin Yi's later life full of ease .

Often participate in some social activities , Make teacher Qin Yi's life full of vitality . You see , Teacher Qin Yi is so kind , I seem to hear her kind greetings again : Hello , I wish you happiness !

People never forget Miss Qin Yi . Friends, see teacher Qin Yi , Will greet her kindly . Miss Qin Yi doesn't have any celebrity airs , Listen to you carefully , Enthusiasm encourages you to progress .

Teacher Qin Yi will always live in our hearts .

Thank you, miss Danniang !

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