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Refuse to forgive

2022-05-15 04:21:44Literary frequency modulation

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If , I can't see my deep sadness ;

Refuse to forgive yourself ;

that , I've been lingering in the pain of the past . Lose your true self in obsession and resentment .

Division produces confusion , Pain , confused , Even the boredom and helplessness of living .

Sometimes you find out , But I'm playing hide and seek with myself .

What's more ridiculous is , Even ran to question others .

Those broken , people , things , matter , All are complaining about your deformity and destruction .

Often at the end of the day , A person's tragedy , It's hard to end up with two people , Even the suffering of a group of people .

There is no place to tell the suffering and heaviness in my heart , Pain and depression , Sleepy and lonely , Like a vine full of spikes .

No expression doesn't mean no idea , Silence doesn't mean you don't know . Some people just choose silence in this unspeakable .

Maybe too much love , Maybe too much hate .

For some people , Something , Or to the self , desire , belief , can't let go , Obsession is too deep .

What is sadness ? What does passing mean ?

There are still great differences between people , The depth of people's emotional experience is also different .

Same thing , Some people are not interested in it , Some people have a little mood swings , And some people will experience it deeply . therefore , Same thing , People react differently .

So people's joys and sorrows are not interlinked , There is no empathy .

It can only be said ,“ I try to understand ”

This understanding , For a man suffering from hardship , It's already valuable .

therefore , Last pain , People want to live by themselves . Wake up by yourself .

Then forgive everything .

Including the once obsessed self .

Know how to be measured , Clear the boundary .

Myself and others , Even with the world .

Dare to take responsibility .

Rise up against , Dare to fight for , Also know how to put down .

                    2022 year 5 month 11 Beijing, Japan .

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