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2022-05-15 04:21:46Literary frequency modulation

glorious flowers in spring and solid fruits in autumn


[ The tang dynasty ]  Li shangyin

It's hard to see each other ,

The east wind is weak, and flowers are broken .

Spring silkworms to the end of silk ,

When the wax torch turns grey, tears begin to dry .

Xiaojing but worry about Yunbin change ,

When you sing at night, you should feel the cold moonlight .

There is no way to go to Pengshan ,

The birds are eager to visit .

Ask Liu Xixi

[ The tang dynasty ]  Bai Juyi

Green ant new fermented wine ,

Little red clay stove .

It's snowing in the evening ,

Can drink a cup without

To Moor at Night at the Maple Bridge

[ The tang dynasty ]  Zhang Ji

At moonset cry the crows, streaking the frosty sky ,

Jiangfeng fishing fire to worry sleep .

Hanshan Temple outside Suzhou ,

Midnight to the passenger ship .

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