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Crying children's Day

2022-05-15 06:29:53Photography

The boy stared intently at the computer screen , Thinking about what to do . Suddenly he had an idea : Netizens added a lot , In this city , None of them , Search and see , Are there any like-minded , Maybe you can be a good friend ! therefore , He operated a , Found at least hundreds of online , Men and women are different . Then a unique name came into view , Snow white , What a pure impression , This can't help but recall a good memory of his childhood . A female companion also called snow white , The days and nights spent with her , Always be an inviolable memory of this life . Only the story of the two of them , Maybe sometimes I just play it back in my dream .

The boy wrote this in the description of adding friends : Childhood buddy . That side passed immediately . The boy was stunned , It's not really her ! In a hurry , The boy asked , Are you xiaowuzi ? That face is confused . alas , Yeah , How can there be such a good thing in the world , Let you have everything . If her mother hadn't remarried to Shanghai that year , Took her , Maybe xiaowuzi will probably become his bride . The boy hissed , Continue to talk in disappointment .

Time passes in a second , Before you know it , Two netizens who live in the same city and live not far away , There is a feeling of regret for meeting late . The boy said , Know each other at this time , Can I see you . The girl sweated , It's not vulgar , Why is it all like this , Always ask to see , I want to see you , Can you show me ? The boy smiled , I'm sorry , I don't have a camera , But I still want to see you . The girl frowned and said , Forget it , Let me give you a look , Very ugly , Just don't have nightmares at night . Video connection , The boy heard his heart beating wildly , The face is hot , Uneasy .

The picture shows a beautiful woman with long hair , Then flash , She's gone . Asked the other side , Didn't scare you ! The boy said , His heart almost stopped , Saliva is running all over the place , It is estimated that tonight must be insomnia with nosebleed . The girl is angry , Is there any mistake . The boy laughed and said , What a beautiful thing in the world ! It's so beautiful , I really want to turn a few somersaults , To express his great surprise at the moment . The girl said , That's more like it . Okay , Talk about it later . The boy hurried , Can you tell me your real name ? That silence .

That's it , Boys and girls started dating years . Time passed quickly , They decided to meet , At the gate of the scenic spot of the city . The boy found the girl named Snow White very accurately . Asked the girl , How do you know it's me . The boy said , Feel your message , Don't you know it's called spiritual fascination . When you leave the house , My spirit is attached to you , You can't run away . The girl's eyes widened , Pout your mouth in fear . The boy said , You are a kite , I'm the one who runs with a kite , You can't escape my Wuzhishan .

Laughing all the way , I had a good day . The rest of the story is similar to what everyone has experienced . The boy felt it was time to confess to her , He wrote in the message board : Although we haven't been in touch for a long time , But your brilliant literary talent , Cheerful and lively personality , Let me have feelings beyond friendship for you . If you can agree , I want to be your boyfriend , I wonder if you'd like to ? Please believe that , I must refuel well , Take good care of , Never let you get hurt , Please , Promise me , Okay? ? Soon , The girl answered the message and said , Your type is not suitable for her , She won't promise . The boy is very lost , Uncontrollable feelings tell him , Never give up , Maybe it can change the girl's attitude .

So the relationship continues , Hot SMS every day , Like crazy bombs , Roaring at the girl's cold heart . I hope one day she will be moved , Be able to accept your request . night , The boy knelt at the window for the first time , Tears streaming down her face : Moon god ! Please bless me to realize my wish . Please open your eyes , Take pity on me .

On that day , The girl said , Don't do like that . Before you , I have a great object , For some irresistible reason , We're separated for a while . Now? , I'm waiting for him to come back , Even if the hope is slim , I'm not going to give up . Do you understand? ? The boy said , understand , however , I've fallen in love with you . Who told you not to say , Now say , late .

Then every day , Boys, whether on the Internet or in mobile phone text messages , With these words : I love you! , Please marry me ! A week later , The girl is online , She said , Put away your hypocrisy , You're trying to fool me , No way . The boy was desperate , In exchange for her passionate feelings, she laughed and satirized countless times . She also said , You are very immature , I thought I could catch up with girls , It would be wrong . Just your size , There must be no object to find in the future . It's not like my , Proud and independent , Proud and strong , Look at his picture , Isn't it handsome . Can you compare with him , The crow looks at the Phoenix , hum !

The boy said , Today is June 1 children's day. , I wish those of us who are already adults but still have a childlike heart , Happy holidays . The girl said , Is that all? , You seem to have forgotten something ! alas , sorry , Sad and confused , I forgot that today is your birthday . happy birthday to you , All the best . The girl angrily said , hum ! I'm already angry , What time is it in the evening , I don't mention it. , Do you remember my birthday !

The boy said , As a friend , I forgot your birthday , It's me , Apologize to you , Please forgive me . Honest man, that's all ( Lying and cajoling people won't ) Not likable . You misunderstood again , We are just greetings between ordinary friends . We can't , Because you don't have me in your eyes and heart . Actually , It never started , Where did it come from , Don't ordinary friends do it ? The girl said angrily , Do you think you have enough friends ? I got it! , You say you like me, just poor and happy , I almost became a real , But it's not too late to know .

The boy said , alas ! Have you ever given me a chance , Forget it , I don't know . I like you , Also intend to pursue you , But your heart except him , Is there room for others ? You hid your company and address from the beginning , That means you're not going to start . You can't get out of his shadow , Your heart, your feelings, your everything , Live for him all the time . I can't come near you at all , You won't give me this chance . Why don't we just , It's urgent at home , They're old and big , It's time to start a family . You're not young either , Hold on , I hope he will come back to you soon .

In the middle of the night , The boy stayed for a long time , A line of tears ran across my face . Only in the dark , Then he can cry silently . lost , It also took away his love for her , That sad sad song without beginning and ending .

Sobbing on children's Day , The boy stared silently at the darkness outside the window , I can't help shivering .

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