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People who care about you

2022-05-15 06:38:52Life journey

The net graph invades to delete

Everyone has to meet a lot of people in his life , Like a platform , Someone came , There's someone to go .

Not for temporary harmony , Do something against your inner feelings , Let alone lick and kneel .

People who care about you , You can get spiritual comfort . People who care about you or not , In exchange for a shaving pick, one head is hot , Even doubt your IQ , It's not worth .

Put wings on the soul , Fly freely . Everyone is a bird that can fly , Just fly at different heights , Flying is your instinct .

Please don't give up flying easily , Don't instill in yourself , I can't ,TA Say I can't fly .

Try to fly , You belong to the vast sky , Flutter your wings and fly .

Please devote your energy and time to people who care about you , You can gain happiness .

2022 year 5 month 10 Japan     night     Wait for the flowers to bloom

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