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A cargo transport pass

2022-05-15 06:45:28Life journey

Suzhou finally won the star , I think it's more convenient to enter Suzhou from a steel market in Wuxi , Who knows, it was beyond my expectation .

Last week, we ordered dozens of tons of steel from a steel market in Wuxi . The other trader's boss , It took us several days to find a truck . It turns out that Jiangyin in, Wuxi is serious again , Suzhou is more strict in checking the trucks in Wuxi , It takes a long time to come to Suzhou .

Yesterday morning 11 Some more , The owner of the other trader sent me the information of the truck driver , I applied for the Soviet goods code online , Fortunately, I'll apply for it right away .

I sent the Soviet code to the other party . Look at each other's size... Orange , Said to pick up at the exit of the expressway . It turns out that the Soviet cargo code from Wuxi to Suzhou is green , Don't pick up , The driver can get off the highway directly . Call the driver , He said :“ Tomorrow, (10 Japan ) Early in the morning , It is estimated that 7 Go to the toll station at more than ten o'clock ”.

I don't know how to answer , Decided to consult at the exit . Have a good dinner , Drive to the Xishan exit of the Ring Expressway , The service staff told me , Orange Su cargo Code stipulates to get off the expressway at Dongshan exit . Return and drive to Dongshan exit , Come to the container office near the lake . The service staff told me , Take your official seal to the reception room of the town government to open a temporary pass . He said :“ Hurry up , There's still time for them at night 8 Points from work .”

Hurried back to the factory with the official seal , And hurried to the town government . Come to the gate of the reception room of the town government , Take a look at the time 7 Not at all . The receptionist told me , The certificate applicant is off duty . I said, :“ Now? 7 It's not time to get off work .” He said :“ They're getting off work , I can't hold their .” I said, :“ I have to pick up the car early tomorrow morning , Could you call them to do it .” He said :“ So you fight 123…….” If you can't get a temporary pass tonight , I can't pick up the car tomorrow morning , Delaying things , It is possible to persuade them to return .

I was in a hurry , I'm confused . You can only pick up your cell phone and call 123……, Let's talk about the situation here , The other party said to reflect as soon as possible . I don't think so , I don't know when this kind of call will be delayed , It may not be possible to do it tonight .

( To be continued )

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