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Same as "beauty" and "good"

2022-05-15 06:59:16Photography

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Continue today 《 Lotus leaves are round 》. Said to continue It's because when I took online class a few days ago , Our family has studied .

Let the child read the text , Read the new word card , I began to write the words required in this lesson . I found that I took the children to learn the text before 、 Compared with learning Chinese characters , Today will be smooth and save a lot of time . This also proves that the effect of children learning online classes at home a few days ago is very good .

Soon , We're going to write “ beautiful ” 了 !

“ teacher , The teacher of online class told us , Ancient people liked to eat sheep , And it's a big sheep . The more beautiful their psychology is ! You see , These two add up and down , Namely ‘ beautiful ’!” Little cute Liu Zhiyi happily told me . Think about the origin of the word the child told me , I seem to have entered the ancient people “ Eat sheep ” Scenario . This is not the most beautiful “ beautiful ” Do you ? come very naturally , The children put what they felt about “ beautiful ” Add a after the word “ good ”!

“ beautiful ” And “ good ”, It was born from the same root ! This feeling comes from the bottom of my heart , This feeling is the greatest joy of life —— happy !

“ When ancient people ate sheep , It's very beautiful when eating big sheep ! The children , When will you I also have this beautiful feeling ?” my “ A word ” Aroused the children's “ All kinds of beauty ”.

Cao Yulin said —— Class is over , Play with good friends , Jump rope together , Chat together , This feeling is beauty .

Shuqi said —— When school is over , Play with your sister , This feeling is beauty !

Zhou Zixuan said —— Every day I go to school, I can learn a lot of knowledge , The feeling of learning knowledge is beauty !


“ happy ”, Like ripples blown by the wind ……

Learn Chinese characters , With the child's body and mind , The feeling of children's physical and mental pleasure is beauty !

In class , Because learning “ beautiful ” This word , Let children see more beauty in life and study . This is not my invention , But children's discovery of a better life again .

“ The children , Your beautiful picture was taken by me . At the moment , I feel everywhere in your beautiful circle , I also feel very beautiful ! Thank you, children ! But , Who can help me record the moment ?”

The children all raised their “ mobile phone ”—— left hand 、 The index finger of the right hand 、 Put your thumbs together to form a square picture .

At the moment , Every child has a beautiful mobile phone in his hand .

I know I look at my cell phone through their eyes , It will also bring my beautiful feeling at the moment “ Collection ” At the bottom of my heart —— Just like me at the moment .

And “ beautiful ” Same as “ good ”, The child is beautiful and the teacher is good , How are the children , Teacher beauty ……

Grateful to meet ……

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