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Little Iceland, Xiangshan art commune Hangzhou's most in popular photo sites are here

2022-05-15 06:59:37Horse honeycomb recommended

Speaking of the holy land of photography in Hangzhou , Little Iceland 、 Xiangshan art commune 、 Xiangshan Campus of Academy of fine arts is definitely a circle of friends 、 Tiktok 、 The little red book , Net red in net red ; Bamboo-lined Path at Yunqi 、 Baita park is the top stream of literary and artistic freshness .
  Today, I'll teach you how to punch in one day, the most popular photo Holy Land in Hangzhou , Go to the popular minority literature and art all over the Internet , Brush and explode the sense of existence of a circle of friends for a week .

Xiangshan art commune

Xiangshan art commune is located at the south foot of Xiangshan, Zhuantang street, Xihu District , When completed, it will be an all-weather 、 polymorphous 、 Open Art Park .
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In the commune 59 A folk house with different styles , Designed by the team of Chinese Academy of Fine Arts , The geometric corridor and the step-by-step courtyard connect the folk houses .
The commune was built along the mountain , Scattered and hierarchical , Chinese style design of pink wall and black tile , It's like a realistic version of a curved water cup “ Xi Shan Qingyuan map ”.
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A Xiangshan canal runs through the commune from west to East , The architectural style of the park is relatively unified , Log windows with white walls and black tiles , Like a maze surrounded by many white buildings , White version “ Monument Valley ”.
The white building has a strong sense of structure , The photo effect is very clean , Find a good angle and shoot in minutes ins wind .
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Whisper it to you : The head of the art commune , Round arch gate bridge with unique shape 、 The corridors are super films , You must come to these points to take photos !
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Xiangshan Campus of Academy of fine arts

The Xiangshan Campus of the Academy of fine arts is very beautiful , Not only has a strong artistic flavor , The campus buildings are even more beautiful , It is the most distinctive campus of Hangzhou Architecture , Architectural aesthetics hidden in the campus .
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The most popular punch in point of the Academy of fine arts is “ Green trees and red walls ”, Huge and eye-catching brick red wall , A big tree with luxuriant branches and leaves , No need for photography at all , You don't even need a filter , No matter how the composition is, you can take very clean photos , It can be called a holy land .
Except for the red brick wall , There are many buildings with different styles on campus 、 Sculpture and so on , You can take many different styles of photos , Sweet but salt , But small, fresh and cold , The atmosphere of literature and art is bursting ~
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Hangzhou “ Little Iceland ”

“ Little Iceland ” In the deepest part of Phoenix International Creative Park , The park is transformed from an abandoned cement plant , Full of retro industrial style .
The little Icelandic lake is clear , The mountain is exposed , There is a coldness and detachment at the end of the world . And don't pick the weather , You can also take very textured photos on cloudy and rainy days .
Road signs 、 Railing 、 Small wooden houses are great photo props , Pretend you only need a filter in Iceland , You can also take large scenic spots outside the country without leaving the country .

Bamboo-lined Path at Yunqi

Yunqi bamboo path is one of the ten new scenic spots of the West Lake , It is a quiet bamboo forest hidden deep in the mountains of the West Lake .
There are green bamboo lined roads here , The spring water dingdong washes the heart , The path winds deep into , The delicate and beautiful sound of birds came from the forest , Very poetic .
Away from the hustle and bustle of the city , Walking in “ Ten thousand poles in one path are towering green , A few mountain streams and small springs ” On the secluded mountain road , Walking in the world of green bamboo , Wash lung and heart .
No need to adjust the angle , A few simple actions can also take very sensory photos .
Speaking of yunqi bamboo path , I have to mention the tea garden opposite “ Mangrove ” 了 . There are tea fields all around here , There is only one big tree on the path, open and independent , Special artistic conception .
The most suitable thing is to shoot ancient style , It's full of Fairy Spirit ~

White Tower Park

Baita park is located on the Bank of Qiantang River , Adjacent to Liuhe tower and Zhijiang campus of Zhejiang University , It is the endpoint of the cultural heritage of the Beijing Hangzhou Grand Canal , It is also the starting station of the first railway in Hangzhou .
The ancient pagoda in the park 、 The railway 、 Abandoned railway tracks and old green trains, literary and artistic retro , A collection of essential elements for small fresh photos , It is the most popular online photo and clock in place in Hangzhou .
Want to shoot a little fresh art , It's right to come here !
The white tower in the park was built in the late Wu Yue State of the Five Dynasties , Liang Sicheng highly praised it as “ From the late Tang and Five Dynasties to the early Song Dynasty , It is a classic work of this kind of stone pagoda in the South and even in the whole country ”.
In fact, it's not just Japanese small freshness , With the white tower as the background , It's also very suitable for shooting ancient Chinese clothes .
Baita park is beautiful all year round , There are cherry blossoms, peach blossoms and rape in spring , In autumn, there are Ginkgo biloba and reed in Baita park , No matter which season you come to Hangzhou , Baita park is a must see place to take photos .
The epidemic will pass , Spring has come , Come here to catch spring !

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