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Prose: fleeting time, short love, shallow joy and deep love in the season

2022-05-15 04:18:28Life journey

In a hurry , Like running water rippling through the dust in the world , A gentle breeze , Come in front of me , This is an exciting shallow summer season .

Through the wind in the season , There is the fragrance of flowers in front of you , Drunk heart, lost eyes , Gusts of wind blowing , A pool of lake water , Old time , It also stirs the advance and replacement of the season .

In the light time , Standing in front of the window , Listen to the wind 、 Listen to the rain 、 Listen to birds singing 、 Listen to the whispers of time 、 Listen to the ticking of time 、 Look at the clouds , The clear wind moistens the bright moon in the sky , My heart is quiet and elegant .

01. time went by , Slow down your daily life with joy , The four seasons are bright , Everything is lovely

Writer Lin Qingxuan said :“ A happy heart is the most important , Have a happy heart , Then you can enjoy the red flowers and green grass in spring , In winter, you can enjoy the snow, wind and frost , I love sunny days , Love rain on rainy days .”

There is a heart called joy , To see all the experiences in life , Will watch the flowers bloom quietly , Will look down on the flowers , In this light time and light feelings , In order to have a leisurely state of mind , In order to move forward safely in time .

The time of May and summer , The shadows of flowers on the street fade away in the passing of the season , Time goes into the season of summer , In this shallow summer , Summer flowers are numerous and green 、 Lush and lush , Continue to shine in the gorgeous spring .

The arrival of summer , Just grow the scenery in spring more strongly , Dot dyeing is more prosperous , Summer flowers are bright and warm , The flowers are more calm and steady .

A tree blossoms , The fragrance curls up , Fragrance with fragrance , Time in the shallow summer .

What is summer ? Is the shade mountain more secluded 、 It's a quiet mountain , It is the flowers in the season that smell cool , It's light and elegant , Low eyebrows are beautiful , Make life into joy, and there will be quiet beauty .

Walking in time , There is the fragrance of oncoming flowers , There are flowers in bloom , Plain paper and ink dyeing . A piece of paper with the fragrance of falling flowers , A season of dust and fragrant flowers , Time is indifferent , Years are luxuriant , The charm is long .

And always believe , There is beauty in my heart , Can meet flowers on the way , It's like walking in the shallow summer , There is no need to deliberately , Just look up , You can see flowers everywhere , Is the beautiful face of the season , It's also inner joy .

02. Time is in a hurry , the paper is too short to describe one 's feelings , Years are thick , Flower fragrance dream long

Writer Zhou Guoping said :“ Everything in the world is extraordinary , Finally, we should return to the ordinary , We should use ordinary life to measure its value . great 、 wonderful 、 Success is nothing , Only by living an ordinary life really well , Life is perfect ”

The light summer breeze moves gently , Gently plucking the heartstrings , Time flows away in a hurry , We are often surprised by the ruthlessness of these years , It also remembers the quiet and good in this world .

Once bustling like brocade , Very beautiful flowers , Once within reach , Now it's all due to the calm of the season , There is no loss of elegant beauty , There is no lack of thin and cool feelings .

The color of life and season will never be bright red , Only experienced colorful , To go to the depth of light green in summer , A simple , Naturally , But without losing enthusiasm .

The beauty of life lies in blooming , Is gorgeous , And its true ultimate meaning lies in peace . Only peace will flow , Only with peace can there be peace and security in the years .

In the prosperous world , On ordinary fireworks days , We just need to be ourselves , Do not envy the prosperity of others , Nor envy the wealth of others , Be a quiet person , A quiet and indifferent life in complexity , This is already the simplest kind of happiness .

Life is complicated , Only we can dye the color we want , In the interweaving of the cold and warm of life , Let yourself be calm and optimistic , leisurely , Not only enjoy the warmth of life, but also be content with it , In the years of short love , There is also a dream of flower fragrance. It's good to be drunk for a long time .

03. Time is in a hurry , Suddenly it's summer , Safely in the years , In the season, shallow joy and deep love

The footsteps of time are running , So life is short , It's too short to look back , We have wiped our shoulders in a hurry in our life .

In our lives , No matter what kind of scenery you encounter , No matter what setbacks you experience . Life or how to treat us , We should always treat ourselves as one .

Let yourself be indifferent and quiet with a simple heart , Neither belittle oneself , Not arrogant . Walk in every season , Take firm and tenacious steps .

Time is in a hurry , Time flies , Can make us invincible in time , It's always something in your heart , It's that plump heart , Is the abundance of the soul , It is elegance and calm from the inside out .

From the bustle of spring , Suddenly it's summer , Don't say that the scenery in spring is gone , They just grow into the season , Into the long years .

Mountains and rivers are lonely , Time is like water , Keep spring in your heart , Engrave the four seasons in your heart , A man with a complete spring , In the bright stars of summer flowers , You can still see the beauty of spring .

A handful of brilliant flowers , With a ray of time , In the shallow summer of May , In fleeting years , In the years of short love , In the season, shallow joy and deep love , Go to the love and beauty of life , Live up to the love and loveliness of time .

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