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May 14, 2022 lying flat diary: 217 tomorrow

2022-05-15 04:41:14Photography

I got up earlier today , I wrote a little before breakfast . After dinner, first go to see the rose wall on the street , Then go shopping , Come back and wash clothes . There are still not many paintings in the afternoon , Feel dissatisfied , Greatly reduced interest . I can't wait to get over it , But the table is narrow , Can't do it . Every time I draw, it's like this , None of them went well .

Prepare to attend 7 Paintings from the moon Painting Exhibition , Three alternative paintings were selected , Choose whichever poem you want first . Now this song is quite suitable , It's just shortcomings and new ideas , But it's too late , That's it . The painting is not very big , It's better to write thin gold , But now I prefer running script . Get up early tomorrow , Finish the verification as soon as possible Acid practice .

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