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It's better to be short than excessive

2022-05-15 04:49:57Photography

Today I saw a sentence from teacher Luo Xiang “ If love is just a feeling , So when it meets a challenge , This feeling will soon be eliminated . Because we can easily get this feeling in different people , The most common saying of empathy is that I don't feel anymore . But true love is not a feeling , It is more a responsibility . It's a kind of mutual sacrifice and mutual achievement . True love must not be an instant touch , And it must be a kind of commitment for a long time , Sacrifice each other , Each other achievements , Respect each other .”

I was in middle school , There are many people around me who are in love , But I stubbornly feel that I should not fall in love in middle school . Now I'm in College , Students who had never been in love around them also began to get in touch with feelings , Start experiencing love . It has been almost a year since I entered the University , Now couples walking hand in hand can be seen everywhere on campus , Emotions can heat up quickly in a few short days . After going to college, everyone seems to be trying and making mistakes , Maybe it's to fill the emotional vacancy in your middle school , Enrich your emotional experience . It's like me and you trying to fall in love , And find out you're the right person , And I found that you are the right person, so there is an essential difference between me and you from the beginning of our relationship . let me put it another way , Now it seems that most of you decide it's you because I want to fall in love , Not because it's you, so I want to fall in love .

There is a saying that I like “ a hungry person is not picky and choosy , I'll be sorry , It's better to be short than excessive to get what you want .” Don't fall in love just to fall in love , And don't lower your standards in order to fall in love , Naturally, you don't have to set your own rules , The details of the arrangement of the future person , I don't think love needs to be so standard , When the right person appears , He may not be so good , Not so humorous , Not so interesting , Not so talented , But he just gives me a different feeling . The standard I'm talking about here , Not measured by material conditions , Now there are many blind dates , I once asked my parents “ If I 30 Will you rush me when I'm years old and not married ”, They said “ If you want to wait , Mom and dad won't stop you from waiting for the right person ”, Now many families have been married with utilitarian ideas , Whether the family conditions match or not , Does your child's condition match my child's condition …… Is this love ? I think love is a spiritual fit , That kind of fit can support you through difficulties and dangers . Maybe this kind of love is too idealistic , But for me , Love is not a necessity of life , It can be regarded as a icing on the cake . If it happens, it's my luck , But if not, I think The quality of living alone is far inferior to that of living alone Have a good time . I want people who are really ready to enter a long-term and stable relationship , It must be someone who has the ability to live a rich and wonderful life in this world .

But if you say you want to ignore the existence of matter in emotion , I don't think it's appropriate , It's like Gu Li said in his childhood “ Love without substance is like a plate of loose sand , As soon as the wind blows, it dissipates ”, Love must have a certain economic foundation , It seems too utilitarian to talk about money in feelings , But in fact, only people in the same latitude are qualified to love , This is also a sense of balance in love . Material is the basis of all feelings , This is also the reason why people who want to develop a long-term and stable relationship must be people who can live a wonderful life on their own , No matter how strong love is, it needs material foundation to support . No money to talk about feelings , The material conditions here are male and female , Love is a two-way payment , The first word people think of love is “love”, By chance, I saw a strange word in English “Redamancy” When you love someone , Someone is also in love with you .

In March , I always want to fall in love when I listen to songs alone at night , Night is the catalyst of emotion , Magnified my longing that I didn't think about in ordinary days , I think no one is not eager for a beautiful love . Then I asked myself , What kind of person I want , I also slowly gave my own answer : It is the embracing of the soul, not the binding of coming , It is also all freedom and absolute loyalty .

It was also at that time that I sent such a dynamic message on the software for listening to songs :

Don't do what you don't love for yourself

Don't suppress, don't degenerate, live warmly

Don't put yourself down

Don't fall in love just to fall in love

I'm still young All good things are on the way

When I go home in winter vacation , Go out with friends , They will also ask me “ Did you fall in love in college ”“ No, ”“ You didn't talk about , Why don't you talk about it when you're in College ”“ No one likes ”“ But you must have some love experience , Isn't college all about trial and error ?” Yeah , Everyone in college is trying and making mistakes , Accumulate emotional experience for yourself , So confess to the bold pursuers on the wall , So I met the same person on campus and took a walk on the same playground in a few weeks , Maybe there is no ambiguity , Everyone is making rapid progress , Holding hands, hugging and kissing , Because I just want to fall in love , So it doesn't matter who it is ?

Use absolute sober reason to suppress shouldn't have feelings .

Although I long for beautiful love , But I think this is because people themselves are inexplicably attracted by beautiful things , Not that it's something I'm looking for . I think it's okay to slow down , Because I'm getting better in the process , If it happens , We will meet at the best time , From the beginning to the end .

Share a song you heard today 《 Romance is dead 》

Thank you for reading my long essay .

I wish you well

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