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Those flowers (short story · 03)

2022-05-15 04:57:13Life journey

Xiao Li showed a satisfied look at his situation for the time being . He wrote to me saying , He is now a member of the rich class , Enjoying 1949 The treatment of rural rich before .( notes , You know , Now many words , Have become sensitive words , Like this rich class , You must know , I used to write about the land · Lord · rank · level .) If you're free , Come back and see . You all have to come and see .

later , We all went . I said to Xiao Li , Dalin ,( notes , I'm sorry , I didn't tell you Xiao Li's big size until now .) Did you ever dream of that rich woman when you slept ? I heard that the old lady was pretty good . You have to be careful at night , Don't let that woman hook your soul ! ( notes , The wife of a rich man is called a rich woman . well , Come to the point , It's the landlady . My hu Da , I hope landlady is not a sensitive word , Can be published on my dear platform . The landlady is characterized by , She is another kind of woman : Her eyes are very sharp , Her lips are very thin , Her fingernails are very long , It is specially used to pinch our poverty · Next · in · Farmers' children's . Her headdress is also very special , Like two tiles . All in all , Since Gao Yubao put the countryside · After the image of the Lord is created very well , We also have no good feelings for the landlady . Do you know Gao Yubao ? It doesn't matter if you don't know , Just let us know . The old millet and rotten sesame of the previous generation , It's better not to know .)

Xiao Li said , Then I should be careful , Don't let that woman get me . I also heard that , The landlady of this villa sometimes appears . Specialized and non · production · rank · And the broad masses of poor and lower middle peasants . Maybe three generations of poor farmers will not let me go .

We listened , They all laughed , We are happy for Xiao Li , Xiao Li finally has a bit of humor . It's a good thing . Having a sense of humor is a sign of a person's mental health . However , Lao Fang is not a good person , He pointed out something we didn't notice . He said , petty thief , You may not be enjoying · Master treatment ? We said , Why do you say that ? Lao Fang said seriously , There is no place · The Lord sleeps in the wing room . Only long-term workers sleep in the wing room . We looked at Lao Fang's serious look , All happy . Lao Fang is such a person , Always very serious . As soon as he is serious , Things are a little boring . therefore , We didn't say anything more . Xiao Li went to that primary school , Xiao Li sleeps on the ground · In the wing room of the main villa , It's really not a fun thing .

later , The school has to move . The school must move out of the house · Main villa . In the countryside, people began to pay attention to those lands · Lord 、 rich · The agricultural policy has been implemented . Not now · level · Bucket · It's a fight . The earth · Lord , rich · Agricultural or , All can be transformed . Now we don't engage in composition theory anymore . Everyone is a citizen of this country . therefore , Other people's things must be returned to others . That place · The Lord is dead , But his descendants are still , The house has to be returned to his son .

The school moved to the northernmost part of the village . There are several huts there , It was used for earthquake protection in 1976 . The earthquake didn't happen , No one cares about the thatched shed , I don't want it to work now .( notes , Shockproof has nothing to do with Xiao Li , But the shockproof shed let Xiao Li live . This is like implementing policies for landlords and rich peasants who can be transformed. It has nothing to do with Xiao Li , But they were put into practice , Our Xiao Li has no house to live in .) The primary school principal goes to the village branch every day to ask for a house , The village always answers , Even if you want to build a house, you can't have it all at once , It has to wait some days . The headmaster asked , So how long do we have to wait ? The village head replied , We don't know how long it will take , We didn't expect that there would be no house in primary school . The village didn't consider this expense at first . Just wait a few days , Overcome , We'll find a way .

The headmaster has no choice , The final say , Living in these shock shelters is not a way . No matter how poor you are, education , No more pain, child .( notes , The headmaster is the headmaster , He just blurted out what we educators often said more than ten years later . Since the headmaster said this , The north and south of the river began to say so . Later, even people from CCTV said . We want to , If the headmaster had applied for a patent for this sentence earlier , Then his income will be considerable today . Maybe you have to say , Can you just send it with this sentence ? Education is a Yamen with clear water , What oil and water can there be ? But I want to say , If you say so , You are wrong , This shows that you don't understand the market of Education . It also shows a very serious problem , That's it : You're not an educator . You have no idea , Education is not what it used to be , Many people are attached to the body of education and have drunk enough . Do you want me to give an example ? That's ok , I'll say a few when appropriate. Listen to me . But what I want to tell you is , I'm not among these people anyway , There will be no Xiao Li . We are nothing ? We are the bottom .) The headmaster went on to say , also , Xiao Li from our primary school , He graduated from normal school , In our primary school, I was the first , You can't suffer others .

The village head said , That's easy to do . Close to your primary school is the pig farm of our PUTANG brigade , There is a small attic , It's completely possible for Xiao Li to live !

The headmaster has nothing to say , The final say , That's all I have to do . after one's words , Walk away , Back to school with a bitter face .

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