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Those flowers (short story 02)

2022-05-15 04:57:23Life journey

When I write down cabbage , My wife is sitting next to me , She looked at my screen , She said , Your analogy about Chinese cabbage is good . But , She went on , A good memory is a life-threatening thing . If you remember yesterday clearly, it means you haven't forgotten the past . You never forget the past , It means that you are very dissatisfied with your current situation . It's better to learn to forget . People sometimes have to learn to forget the past .

My wife's words are a little philosophical . Of course, people who say such words should have a little level . I think my wife is really a little level .( notes , My wife is just like me , From the same university , Like us, it is also a highly educated class left behind in the countryside , There have also been some vicissitudes , Otherwise, you won't accidentally say what only philosophers can say .

I have to tell you , Because I play with novels all day , My wife's cognition of novels has reached a considerable level now . She is also familiar with novelists in today's literary world , No matter which way you are , Realism 、 Modernism 、 Postmodernism , pioneer 、 Avant garde or something , You can't beat her at all .)

By the way , We men are all from shuikuo Town, chushui County , When you get the college admission notice , Xiao Li entered the normal school .( notes , When I said we went to college, I was actually putting gold on our faces . Not to mention that we went to college for four years, we didn't go to college in the end , Where you come and go back , Let's say that the university we study in is actually just a normal college , The same is true of normal schools . It's no better than Xiao Li .) We thought Xiao Li would be very sad . But I didn't expect that Xiao Li was not upset about himself . He wrote to tell me , That year , The old man is also a teacher , It doesn't hinder him from worrying about the world , Finally liberated the whole of China , Achieved a great cause . Now I just answered a wrong question in the examination room . therefore , I think , As long as I work hard , I can learn as much as you can .( notes , There was no such thing as self-study examination at that time , Xiao Li can absorb as many things as we do. It's a kind of hard work in a conscious state , No institution of higher learning has awarded him academic qualifications and diplomas . Xiao Li doesn't want that either . As long as you have something in your stomach , Diploma is not a very important thing .

It was many years later when Xiao Li got his college diploma . He said , He is not satisfied yet , He wants to really become a person with a bachelor's degree like us . Here's what I want to tell you , Xiao Li finally got a bachelor's degree . But Xiao Li didn't see his academic certificate . What's the cause of the , It will be explained later .) We are happy for Xiao Li's optimistic and confident spirit . We said , Little plum , We'll help you , What materials do you need , We will send it to you immediately .

We have every reason to believe , Xiao Li was a hard-working child at school . His grades in all subjects are far ahead of the rest of the class . But Xiao Li's graduation assignment is still not ideal . He doesn't even have the qualification to be assigned to the Central School . He was assigned to the primary school called PUTANG village . The reason is that we don't know . We are old enough to know these reasons , It's long past the time for prosperity .( notes , Seventeen eight , Youth is shining , Twenty seven or eight , Waiting for promotion ; Thirty seven or eight , The apprentice , Forty seven eight , Give dying kicks , Fifty seven or eight , A dead crab —— Neo-Folk .)

This is a huge blow to Xiao Li . When Xiao Li reports to the primary school called PUTANG , His face is very ugly . Xiao Li's home is in Nanqiao village, shuikuo town . PUTANG is the northernmost village in shuikuo town . It's at least 20 miles away from Xiao Li's house . You haven't been to PUTANG, have you , I have been to . Xiao Li is there , We must often go to . Who let us be us ? ( notes , Except that I like to return manuscripts for the editorial department , Others don't like this business very much . We are keenly aware that we are just people living at the bottom . Everything we do will be very difficult . We have another very similar aspect , That is, we all have difficulties in marriage and love that others can't imagine . There was a time , We cannot consider the noble topic of love , We can only think about marriage first . This is an explanation to yourself , To others , Like father 、 Mother and other people in the family who care about us are also an explanation .)

I , Lao Fang , petty thief , We are all from shuikuo .

Let's go to Xiao Li , Often starting from shuikuo town , Run wildly on the country road , Then arrive at the small village called PUTANG . That path , We measured , The width can be 50 cm , It's 16 centimeters narrow . Xiao Li's skill lies in , Later, when he rode his bike, he could pass through the narrow area of 16 cm .

When Xiao Li reported to PUTANG primary school , PUTANG primary school is still in the middle of the village . After Xiao Li put down his luggage , The headmaster showed him the whole picture of the primary school . The headmaster told him , This primary school is a rich man's villa . The house is pretty good . The office is in the wing room . There are two wing rooms , They all work in the office . Now? , Your teacher Li is here , We have to squeeze , Let the one in the south out , You just clean it up and make it your dormitory .

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