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What about students' blind material comparison?

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The theme of the class teacher's workshop today is 《 What should students do if they compare blindly in material terms ?》.

Zheng Jie, a junior high school teacher in Daokou Town, said : Students enter junior high school , Slowly learned to compare with each other , for example , Some students indulge in material pursuits , Show off your good food in front of your classmates 、 Well dressed 、 Well spent, wait , I like to compare my living conditions with other students . Some students already know how to pay attention to the family situation of other students ; The topics we usually talk about are inseparable from So and so have a lot of money 、 What kind of car does so and so have at home, etc .

Then we pursue students' blind comparison and explore the reasons :

Teacher Li Lanzhi said : Junior high school students are becoming more and more self-conscious , Especially need the approval of the people around you ! Dress up by dressing , Get a sense of being .

Teacher Guo Yongli said : Affected by the bad social atmosphere , Blindly follow suit ; The lack of family education , Now there are many left behind children , Lack of parental company , So parents can only give material compensation , What children want for what ; The child is mentally immature , The correct three views have not yet been formed , They have no idea what they really want .

For the phenomenon of students pursuing brand , Mr. Wang jinzan thinks : It is indisputable that students pursue brands , This is also the case in today's society , In the pursuit of brand, it can also increase students' knowledge , I take a PE exam , I think good shoes will have a good protective effect on students' physical training and running exercises , But you can't spend too much or compare blindly ! endure hardships and be capable of hard work , Hard work still requires students to return .

How to overcome the phenomenon of blind comparison among students ? All eight immortals cross the sea to show their magic powers :

Teacher Zhou Suyun said :① First of all, we can continue to influence the correct public opinion through some mainstream media such as campus radio stations .② Hold a theme class meeting , And often set up positive idols to influence 、 Edify .③ Many positive examples , Such as Peking University “ Sweeping monk ” Wei Dongyi . Let students know what can really make their life shine , It should be rich knowledge , Excellent life cultivation .

Teacher Guo Yongli said :① Children should be separated from the environment of comparison , Stay away from peers who love to compare , Make friends selectively .② Teach children to establish correct values , Don't make them think expensive things are good , Only what suits you is the best .③ Let parents take their children out to experience life on weekends , Go through some hardships , Let them know that making money is not easy , The hardships of parents . Strictly control children's consumption standards , Contentment that can be satisfied , Not meeting the requirements .④ Transfer children's psychology of comparison , Transfer the material comparison to the richness of mind and the excellence of study .

Mr. Wang Yongqi thinks : Students compete in dress , Because aesthetic education is not enough .

Yeah , We often say : Five educations should be carried out simultaneously . Kede 、 wisdom 、 body 、 beautiful 、 work , At present, only aesthetic education has not risen to a certain height .

I think the focus of the discussion should be :1、 What are the reasons for students' blind comparison ?2、 How to deal with the problem of blind comparison among students ?

For the first question , What are the reasons for students' blind comparison ? In my submission : First of all 、 Social ethos , With the in-depth development of reform and opening up , The improvement of people's material conditions , It also determines the improvement of people's spiritual pursuit , Some people have established brand awareness , This is the objective condition that causes some people to compare blindly ; second 、 Family style . Some parents dote on their children , Meet the needs of children without restrictions , This is also the objective condition that causes students to rank blindly ; Third 、 Personal reasons , With the enhancement of teenagers' self-awareness , Especially need the approval of the people around you , Pay more attention to external beauty , I hope to dress up , Get a sense of being .

For the second question , How to deal with the problem of blind comparison among students ? First , We should take preventive measures , Establish a correct class public opinion guidance , Through the theme class meeting 、 Small videos and other publicity tools for positive publicity , Secondly, as teachers and parents , Teaching by example is the best way , Let the students learn from your words and deeds , Even a sense of your values in your eyes ; Third 、 Set a good example for students , Let the students argue about beauty and ugliness 、 Learn from example . Fourth 、 Organize more useful activities , Let students feel the mainstream values in the activities ; The fifth 、 The teacher should observe the students carefully , Once found , Use wisdom to eliminate the invisible , Or individual guidance 、 Or collective education , Or point to the key or beat around the Bush , According to students' different personalities , Flexible handling of problems . No flow, no flow, no more , Find ways for students to release energy , It is also another aspect of the same thing to solve the problem of blind comparison among students .

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