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There is a rainbow between black and white

2022-05-15 05:36:24Photography

A few days ago, I heard a teacher share a sentence. I was particularly impressed : There is a rainbow between black and white , One option is to have no choice , The two choices are in a dilemma , More than three choices are the real choice !

Most of us live in the perception of black or white , When two people have problems, they have contradictions and like to argue about right and wrong , Like to judge each other , In order to prove the other party wrong, we need to find some evidence to explain , Often at this time, judgment is more important than the thing itself , It also covers up the original core problems , The quarrel between two people is like this , Looking back, I found that it was too far from the route , And hurt each other , And the problem of Yuanben has not been solved .

It reminds me of Stephen Covey's 《 Third choice 》, The book says “ synergy ” Is the power to change the world , Life is not a tennis game. Only one side can win , When both sides win , Can jointly create a new situation , Make reasonable decisions only when you are satisfied with each other , Facing problems , Let's put ourselves down first , Solve problems with win-win thinking , To create a new solution for wealth , You will find that there is really a rainbow between black and white !

Win win thinking is to find the first 3 Choose the best path , It's also the best way to find a rainbow between black and white .

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