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Wait - a sea of people

2022-05-15 05:36:28Photography

Half of May , The abnormal life caused by the epidemic is still ongoing . Sealing control 、 Isolation at home 、 small office , home office …

Since May Day, all hall food services have been suspended , In this way, in order to ensure the normal life of online ordering and takeout delivery, it is particularly important . Many little yellow 、 Small blue ( Take-away little elder brother ) The figure of kept shuttling through the streets .

Make nucleic acid downstairs , Wait in line for 15 minutes , Fifty delivery carts pass by , They rush back and forth between merchants and customers , Not just for your own livelihood , It is also a soldier struggling under the epidemic city .

The current situation , Everyone is playing their own strength , Maybe it's trivial , Maybe it's shocking , Work together to overcome difficulties . Most of us are used to putting things off , Through this epidemic , I don't know which comes first tomorrow or the accident , So don't think about what you can do in the future , Put everything you want to do in the moment , Forget the past , Not afraid of the future , Cherish the present .

Nucleic acid detection

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