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Another full inspection

2022-05-15 05:36:43Photography

Saturday   Overcast and sometimes light rain

Work overtime today , Our unit is scheduled to carry out full inspection from 2:00 to 6:00 p.m , It is also the unified deployment of the city in these two days .

With my last work experience , This time, I don't need to explain , The village cadres can basically handle it . I'm in the office this morning , The leader asked me how the village was going to prepare ? I'm quite sure that , Passed the last round of inspection , Village cadres basically know how to operate , I'm sure there's no problem . That's it , But I have to check the preparation , So I went to the village .

Go to the village , I didn't go to the office , Went straight to the venue for a turn , I feel quite satisfied , Basically follow the information instructions issued by me , So go back to the office , Praised them a few words , You're so well prepared !

Finally, I would like to mention a few precautions , They are also prepared one by one , Even more carefully than I thought .

half past one , The medical staff and village staff are basically here , We'll get to work ahead of time , This will also reduce the delay of villagers' working time .

Children perform best , It serves as a benchmark

All the work is going on in an orderly way , This time the work is obviously much easier . The villagers are also very conscious , Also understand our hard work very much , When I didn't raise my voice all afternoon .

The last time the villagers with poor mobility came to the house for service , Some villagers don't understand , I don't think I can walk anymore ? Why do you have to do it ? This time it's different , I led a team into the house , Basically, I have my ID card ready and wait , Afterwards, I was full of thanks . Prove that the villagers' consciousness is changing , Know the national implementation “ Dynamic reset ” Importance , Know the necessity of full inspection , All fit seamlessly , Worth offering .

The inspection was successfully completed in the afternoon , After reporting the data , Today's overtime work has been completed . Thank all the staff for their hard work , Thank all the villagers for their support and cooperation , Everything is for our better tomorrow , Thank you for your !

Xiaoxiaoxi : Today, the small party committee called , Ask me if I would like to join the Choir ? Is it dystonic ? I said I would , I have all five tones , I can not go on stage, but I am willing to continue to study . So I joined the Choir , Take part in the study for the first time tomorrow night , And assess , I hope it will come true , Don't let the teacher down , Refueling oh !

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