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Miss Zhang is back

2022-05-15 06:17:27Photography

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After attending the study this morning , My mother called to ask if I would be home at noon . Going back to my hometown is my plan , Just didn't tell mom in advance .

Back home has been 11:30, Mother and sister have made dumplings . I wash my hands , Talk to dad for a few days , Then I had dinner . Today there are not only dumplings , And the fish fried by my brother , It's all my favorite food . If you don't cook, of course you have to wash the dishes , This is my routine . Today's dishes and chopsticks , Clean up in less than five minutes . Because there are only four people eating , It's relatively simple .

After washing after dinner . Go home ! Road , The eyes are full of green , Beautiful , It's cool .

Suddenly, the sentence my mother said came out —— Miss Zhang is back !

I went back to my hometown this morning , A word my mother said with a smile after opening the door for me . It was just funny , Because mother never does . Call me , But on the way back to your home, taste this sentence , It seems a little different .

“ Teacher zhang ”, This is my professional identity . Why does mom call it that ? Why call my nickname ? What's the subtext ?

I came up with a famous idea .

Last night, my sister was worried about my mother with diarrhea , Come back at two o'clock in the middle of the night , This morning, my sister took my mother to another place to take medicine for my stomach . And in the afternoon, my sister will take my mother to Zhumadian , Let my sister take my mother to see Zhang Gu Ci's feet . What did I do ? Besides eating , Besides washing the dishes , Did nothing .

I made adjustments in the afternoon . Take it from your sister “ Pricked needle ” Mom . Take mom to see our new house first , Then I went around where I worked , I went to the nearby square again . Then I accompanied my mother to our town to buy the necessary medicine , Then take mom home ……

Tonight? 9:30 Return from home . A mass of moon rises in the sky, which is round but not round , I can't see the outline clearly , But it feels beautiful .

Hug your mother at the door and say goodbye to her , I said goodbye to my mother again on the way far beyond the door of my house . I feel my mother is happy ! ha-ha ! I'm no longer the teacher Zhang in my mother's mouth ?

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