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What is love?

2022-05-15 06:23:19Photography

Love is a daily reminder to eat well Love is to eat one more bite and be praised If you knock it carelessly, you will also be distressed The dishes in the eating bowl are full If you don't wear enough clothes, you will be scolded Information is endless Wherever you go, you will be held in hand If you make a mistake, you won't be quarreled Bored is accompanied by someone Grievances are embraced Happy people don't sleep late Loved ones don't cry . Love is that you will be worried if you wash your hair and don't blow it Grievances are coaxed by others Shrimp have no shell Chestnut is without skin Lipstick can't be used up There's no end to the call Chatting doesn't have to be at the bottom   Even a cough can be worried for a long time Shoelaces don't have to be tied by yourself There's nothing to mention The circle of friends will always have you It can be praised Is as important as family .

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