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2022-05-15 06:23:23Literary frequency modulation

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Obsession , Get off the flower boat in spring

In the silence of the years

All the way , Run all the way

If the warmth can't catch up with the sunflower

If you don't stain the dust, you can't meet the summer lotus

Obsession is a budding flower

Once thought that a longer story must be full of twists and turns

Short persistence has no deep feelings

Still stubbornly picking out some simple poems in the gap

Learn to be happy

Learn not to read the past , Simply grow

Grow into a sweet jade plate

Soon after, you can expect butterflies

When butterflies fly in a hurry, they will dance with the few wishes in their hearts

Whether or not anyone will ask again about the rest of life

The long wind in May is not long enough

Acacia is not deep enough

The brightest time of obsession is on the left and right

Let out the fireflies that gently buckle the door in the grass

Fly lovably

Clinging back , Wait for your old friend to return

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