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Random thoughts of Miscellaneous Poems [recording rainy days]

2022-05-15 06:23:27Literary frequency modulation

I have a transparent umbrella

Like walking with an umbrella in rainy days

The gray blue sky penetrated into the umbrella The crystal clear water drops are as bright as diamonds

The raindrops fall off the umbrella surface and slide down Drop by drop The strips form a curtain

Take a leisurely walk under an umbrella Now it's my skylight

Sometimes bright, sometimes dark It's very much like the glass of the old roof lighting

I have a pair of gold flat glasses

Like to wear glasses in a daze when there are many people

It's hiding little things A screen that calms small emotions

Oh , Look at this rainy day Keep going underground Keep going underground

Like a swift stream soaking the trees Splashed the bird's feathers

Glasses Foggy I will find time in the city surrounded by water vapor

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