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There's nothing you can't lose

2022-05-15 06:23:31Literary frequency modulation

The farther you go , The more you see , The more people I know , The more you realize , All my life , You really care , People who care about you at the same time , Just a few , These people , Is your world .

Lovelorn is not terrible , The terrible thing is that you're still in it , And the other party has already left . No one can accompany you all your life , Maybe everyone is a passer-by in your life , When you see it , It doesn't seem like a big deal .

No one likes to be alone , But compared with disappointment , Loneliness makes people more secure . All intimate relationships have their deadlines , Loneliness is the norm .

Don't always put yourself in a humble position , No one is more noble than anyone , Just because your love is humble . So don't do it for others , Look down on yourself , You look down on yourself , Who will cherish you ?

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