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Simple and down-to-earth happiness

2022-05-15 06:57:12Life journey

This is a rich day , Although a little tired, I have gained a lot of happiness and happiness , And gratitude , Everything looks so delicious , Worthy of aftertaste .

After breakfast, Dabao goes to dance class , We tidy the bedroom at home , The whole house is very comfortable . The time soon came to noon , Mom called and said she made my favorite vegetarian dumplings at noon .

I was going home , Considering that it's a little late , It's tangled , The temptation of a phone call to eat dumplings, we immediately packed up and set off ! Mom is finally free , I made a section of dumplings that I love to eat .

After eating dumplings, the family goes back to another home to pick cherries , Picking strawberries . It's good for a family to do everything together , Mom always tries to think of everyone , Yesterday she picked a big basket of cherries and each family gave some , Pick with us today . Cherry ripening season , It's really lively .

When the fruits and melons in my hometown are ripe, I always think of my good friends , So it seduced her , Take the children home to play . Everyone is very happy , Everything is very harmonious . Soon we can be familiar with each other and integrate .

The comfort and beauty of rural life , Make us feel comfortable and comfortable , Pick ripe fruit by hand , Enjoying the joy of harvest , The heart is happy and down-to-earth . I picked a lot of cherries together , When picking, I think of my good friends , I want to take some of this and that , Always too little .

In fact, the hardest thing is mom , She is always working hard to pick , Take the trouble to pick , Just not enough , But she's doing something for her children , She is also happy and enjoying .

The children are picking fruit excitedly in the strawberry field , I feel very happy , Jumping with cheerful steps , They marveled , While happy , Watching the children happy , Parents are happy even if they work harder .

After picking cherries and strawberries , We also went to a new park on the mountain for a stroll , Everything is beautiful except a little cold . All kinds of flowers are in full bloom , It's either a garden or an orchard , The scenery is pleasant , Standing high, you can see the scenery in the distance .

My husband cooked delicious meals for everyone at home , A family eats and chats together , It feels good to have fun .

On the way home at night, I thought of sending cherries to everyone , I sent cherries to my aunt who hasn't been in touch for a long time , I also sent cherries to my friends who haven't been in touch for a long time . In fact, people don't eat cherries , It's a friendship , Because as long as you want to eat cherries, you can buy them everywhere on the street , The feeling of being taken to heart is really happy . So I also want to pass this happiness .

I think my friends know that although they haven't contacted , But you are always in my heart . It's a kind of happiness that I keep in mind , It feels good to share like this . I'm really lazy at ordinary times , Too lazy to contact .

How happy and fulfilling it is to have parents, children and friends around ! This full sense of happiness , Fill my heart . Sometimes I don't need anyone's help , As long as someone understands and understands, it feels as if he has shared a lot .

Someone who understands your hard work and good intentions has been particularly moved , Go home more in the future , Take more friends home , Play together, hi !

This wonderful experience is with us all day , It feels happy and sweet , Moved and happy , It's a nice day .

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