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Mudu Old Street (II)

2022-06-23 21:49:38Life journey

The second is shangxiantang , It is a rare Ming nanmu living room in Suzhou , Up to now 400 Years of history . It is said that it was moved from Shangwan, Dongshan, Suzhou . Visiting the local area can also confirm , Anqingtang was demolished and sold to Yanjia garden, which was well known by local residents . The antique shangxiantang , Let us appreciate the exquisite architecture of the Ming Dynasty .

Behind the Shang Xian hall “ Mingshilou ” The door is closed , What's inside is unknown . Beinongli of the west gate of Shangxian Hall , There are posters hanging all over Mudu for filming .

I can't think of the original movie by looking at the poster 《 Early spring February 》, It was taken in Mudu Xiasha pond next to the traditional Chinese medicine hospital in Wuzhong District . There are also many photos taken in Yan Family Garden .

There are many scenic spots to the west, which are really changing .

There are rockeries 、 The lotus pool 、 Pavilions and pavilions make people dizzying . A group of children were led by their parents , Also came to the garden , Parents take out glass paintballs , Let them play . See the glass paintball , I think of the past when we often played on the mud .

The garden in the West has more space , A couple took wedding photos .

Show the landscape of Jiangnan gardens , It's almost time , I haven't tasted it well , Out of the Yan Family Garden .

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