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I listened carefully

2022-06-23 21:49:44Life journey

Ten o'clock , A 60 something old man came to the door of the store and said , Oops , I finally found your shop !

Then he said that his friend told him that my meat was good , So I inquired all the way ! I laughed. , Take a look , What would you like? ?

He asked about meat 、 Spareribs 、 And the price of the stick bone , I told him one by one , I'm usually not too busy after nine , Then he stood there and asked me where my hometown was , I answered politely .

Later, the old man told me , They all say your meat is good , Let me have a look first , What this means is He doesn't buy anything today ! Of course, I welcome him whether he buys it or not , I've always had a good temper , Generally, it is not anti - moving !

It seems that this old man is a born speaker , Later he talked to me about the way of doing business , Just make a little money , Don't make too much money , I smiled and said nothing , Just keep listening to him . I don't know why he made another remark , People all over the world like Chairman Mao , Because he is working for the benefit of the people , I nodded with deep approval , Yes ah !

He talked himself for about ten minutes , Because someone came to buy meat ! He was forced to stop talking , I hurried to greet people , When he saw that I had no time, he said , Come back when he wants ribs ! I said yes .

He finally left , I'm relieved , To tell you the truth, I don't like Such a chatty person , I can't tell you how to drive people away , Just listen to him carefully ! Yes , I listened to him very carefully !

Whether I like listening to him or not , I listened to him carefully , My spirit is still commendable ! At least that's what I think , What you think? ?

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