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Sliced fresh

2022-06-23 21:49:55Life journey

Friends say , Shepherd's purse balls are delicious , It tastes delicious , Meatball soup is also good drink !

So I fell in love , There happened to be an elder sister , I was given a bag of shepherd's purse that day .

I told my mother-in-law , Let's also make shepherd's purse balls ?

Mother in law laughs , Just do it if you want !

So I chose to wash the shepherd's purse , Chopped in pieces , Put the meat stuffing in the dumplings , Beat an egg , Mix the stuffing well , The water in the pot can't boil , Or the meatballs will disperse if you put them in .

Shepherd's purse balls are ready , It looks good , I'll try it myself , It is not as fresh as the legend ! I made two for my daughter and she didn't eat them !

I let my mother-in-law eat , My mother-in-law laughed to death , Where is the smell of fresh food !

After that, just mention shepherd's purse balls , My mother-in-law laughed at me , See people say it's delicious , Do it right away , How can you make it so delicious !

I am such a person with a low smile , As soon as I heard the word "Liu Xian", I smiled forward Post Union , There is no image of a lady ! I guess I won't make this so-called fresh shepherd's purse ball in the future !

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