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2022-06-23 21:50:02Life journey

On the way to school , Cheng'er, the son sitting in the back seat, said , He has an important matter to discuss with me , I don't know whether it's a good thing or a bad thing .

“ Um. ?” The window “ Whoosh ” But I didn't hear cheng'er's words clearly because of the passing wind . Cheng'er leaned forward , So that I can repeat the above paragraph under the condition of ensuring safe driving .

“ Mom , There are physics competition training courses in the summer , There are five places in our school .”

“ My son must be one of them, right ?”

“ Yes , But I didn't know it was a good thing , Bad thing ?” From the rearview mirror, I saw cheng'er's slightly dignified expression ,“ I've probably calculated , Less than two months' leave , In addition to the make-up time arranged by the school , Military training time , Plus the training time , I have only one week left at my disposal .”

“ What do you think ?”

“ I still want to attend this training , I know the pros and cons , I have never prepared for the competition , It is estimated that the competition is also accompanied by running , And it will delay my plan to study other courses during the summer vacation , Especially in English . There is also a training fee , However, provincial organizations will be more economical .” Cheng'er is naturally easy to think of his family , Always think a lot .

“ Where is the class ? Are the students from all over the city taking classes together ?”

“ Yes , It is near Xi'an University of technology or Tieyi , There will be many excellent students in the class , Mom, what do you think ?” Cheng'er turned to me .

Xigong event is the abbreviation of the high school attached to Xigong University , Tieyi is the abbreviation of West Railway No. 1 middle school , The top five middle schools are the best in the city . Xigong University and Tieyi include .

“ This is a chance for you to meet excellent students , Maybe you can gain something besides physics . It's not necessary to run with him , Don't look down on yourself , I went to class with them , You will have a chance to know your strength . however , Mother is worried about two problems : First, you will work very hard , Second, there is no time for English , Summer is a good opportunity .”

I looked up again , Cheng'er in the rearview mirror was silent for a few seconds , say :“ I try to give English some time during my holiday .”

“ Um. , That means my son has made a good choice .”

“ I still want to try , Whether it is right or not !” Cheng'er seems to have made a big decision .

“ Actually , There is not much good or bad or right or wrong in the matter itself , It mainly depends on how you choose . Different choices need to bear corresponding consequences , After careful consideration, you feel capable of undertaking , And don't regret .” Cheng'er nodded ,“ Mom is happy that you have the ability to make decisions , And willing to bear the hardships behind the event . And you can say it without knowing whether it is right or wrong , It proves that you are ready for this . This is how you begin to mature .”

What a long long road! , I will go up and down . Quyuan's words , Annotated the navigation mark of life .

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