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How to reach the peak of life

2022-06-23 21:50:08Photography

① Maintain moderate curiosity , Is the foundation of progress .

Never too old to learn , As long as you have curiosity , No matter how old you are, you will be motivated to learn . Since the , Five thousand years of cultural heritage have given us ‘ To reassure ’ Bottom gas .

Curiosity about a single event , Will drive you to expand your knowledge . With enough knowledge of linear bifurcation , You will verify it step by step , Finally get the answer you want .

② Control your curiosity , Take care of your desires .

Curiosity Kills the cat , It's not a joke , Enough is enough , Guard your bottom line . Dopamine secretion , Make your brain give instructions , Get your body ready to deal with any adverse situation .

But for a long time , Just go too far , It often brings a series of complications before the problem is solved . Too much force , Cause physical imbalance , Cause damage to things . Over tension , Cause physical cramps , Lose control over the direction and development of things , Cause irreparable loss .

③ There is a degree of relaxation , Enough is enough , Controlling desire , Make good use of curiosity .

This is another realm that people with depth can reach , The secret of their success is perseverance , Different from the laziness of ignorance 、 Indulge .

Life has its limits , There is no end to learning . Control your desires , Increase control , Expand knowledge . Increase the independent judgment and reasoning of problems , Build a viaduct to truth , It will make you feel good , Every cell breathes the freshest oxygen .

Take advantage of your natural curiosity , How do you know that the lever that moves the national economy is not yours ?

When all the dust settles , Rise in fame , Money rolling , Now , Take a bag 82 Isn't the honeysuckle tea of the year fragrant ?

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