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People who often run will receive strange praise

2022-06-23 23:25:27Photography

High temperature in recent days 、 Sultry , God's mood continues to soar , Wrapped in 、 Brewing , Waiting for the right time , A fall .

In such hot weather , I used my whole body to fight , Wearing a small sweater against the air conditioner in the office , I sweat when I leave the air-conditioned room , Waving like rain , Sweating everywhere , Sweating a lot , Then you can replenish water , And I doubt that I am a sponge full of water .

Until the heavy rain last night , It feels like heaven 、 The earth 、 People have been reasonably released .

When I wake up in the morning , The rain continued , I wonder if I won't go downstairs for morning exercises because of the rain , Definite conditionality , You can walk along the river at most , And an umbrella .

Finally, it is the power of habit , Defeated the ideological struggle .

hold an umbrella , Downstairs .

Come to the river , wow ! Bashan night rain rose autumn pool . The river has risen a lot , The Xingji river has become the Yellow River , The current is turbulent , With a lot of yellow mud .

Rising autumn pond

Walking along the plank road by the river , I heard a cry in the water and grass in the river , It was like the creaking of a pheasant or a duck , Because I didn't wear glasses in the morning , I can't see clearly , Looking for .

An uncle came over , The uncle is also a man who often does morning exercises , about 70 year , Regardless of the weather , Almost every day , At least five or six years , But never say hello .

Uncle said , I also seem to hear the cry , It may be a wild duck !

I said, , Did the heavy rain wash away the duck's nest .

uncle , it will be OK , Wild ducks have a strong ability to survive , The cry just now may be a little wild duck !

The topic is over , Normal is to go their own way .

But Uncle continued , The girl , When I saw you, I was in good health , Exercise every day , I am also very persistent . Although we haven't spoken , But I knew at first glance that you were very clever .

Cold , Received praise from a strange uncle , I don't know how to answer the question .

See me running every day , Praise me for my good health , Still reasonable . Brag about your cleverness , Although it sounds comfortable , But how did you get it ! Just depend on my brain ?

I had to giggle at uncle , How can you tell .

Uncle walked over with an umbrella .

Wondering all morning , At noon break , Brush mobile phone , Actually found the basis .

Doctor clove said , Long term runners , Can also become more “ smart ”, Learning and memory abilities become stronger .

Of course, there are many other skills in running , For example, the figure is better 、 Cure psychological problems 、 Happier... Etc .

Anyway , Running is a good addiction .

Thank you for your praise , I'll try my best , Become a better self , All I met were good people .

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