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Inftnews | Canon launched "Canon legend" program to support photography NFT business

2022-06-23 23:28:36iNFTnews

Canon is a leading integrated group in Japan that produces imaging and information products , In the near future , Canon USA announced that it will launch a new website to support “Canon Legends( Canon legend )” plan .

“Canon Legends” plan

“Canon Legends” It's Canon 2022 A plan announced in , It aims to commemorate and preserve some of the most accomplished photographers of this era 、 as well as 1995 Started operation in “ Explorers of light ” Excellent works of project members , And display the classic photos created by these famous photographers in their long and brilliant career .

All members of the program have been invited to join through the nomination committee composed of Canon management and other experts in the photography industry “ Explorers of light ” plan . Every year, , The committee will review the list of members of the plan , And nominate new members as appropriate .

Immutable Image Technical support

Canon previously announced , Its “Canon Legends” Several members of the plan have been in contact with Immutable Image Expand cooperation , Will select a few photos from their collection to create NFT, And as a series “The Legends Mint” Release .

Immutable Image This company is dedicated to showing a new generation of art lovers and collectors about the past 、 Now? 、 The symbol of the future 、 Representative photos . Its founder 、 Senior professional photographer Bjorn Iooss say :

“ We are honored to 、 I am also very happy to cooperate with some of the most famous figures in the history of photography , And look forward to showing some of their representative photos to the new visual platform and a new generation of collectors . Our mission is to create a new vision for this culturally important visual art form 、 A diverse group of collectors to support photography and NFT Community , And being able to show the works of legendary photographers is already an incredible 、 Exciting things .”

The legendary photographer who joined the program

Participate in “Canon Legends” The number of photographers has increased to 18 position , Include Sam Abell、Barbara Bordnick、Gregory Heisler、Ryszard Horowitz、Walter Iooss, Jr.、Melvin Sokolsky and Joyce Tenneson These legendary Photographers . These characters have made great achievements in their respective photographic fields :

Sam Abell—— National Geographic photographer

Barbara Bordnick—— Internationally renowned portrait and fashion photographers

Gregory Heisler——“ The artist's eyes 、 The minds of scientists and the hearts of journalists ”

Ryszard Horowitz—— Pioneer of special effect photography

Walter Iooss Jr——“ Rembrandt in sports photography ”

Melvin Sokolsky—— One of the famous fashion editors and photographers

Joyce Tenneson—— memorable 、 Emptiness 、 Mysterious master of photographic style

Through the plan , These true industry legends will continue through a variety of public and private events , For example, seminars 、 Editorial topics and cooperation with educational institutions , Share their knowledge 、 Experience and skills .

Ryszard Horowitz My view on this is :“ I have to admit , Selling my work as a unique art on a digital platform without physical printing , It's a little strange to me , But it's also fun . I have always been attracted by new ways of creating and sharing works , So I think this is an interesting exploration opportunity . I am also honored and excited to work with these other legendary Photographers , I am very grateful to canon for bringing us together .”


In addition to creating a new way to collect photographic works ,NFT It also creates a new income generating channel for photographers .

NFT Sales and traditional printing sales are concurrent products that can coexist . in fact , As long as the photographer's work continues to be traded in the trading market , that NFT It can provide income for photographers forever , This is something they can't get in the traditional market .

Traditionally , Photographers can only get paid from the initial sale of photos , But I can't get any benefit from the resale of photos later ,NFT Changed all this . With the new wave of photographers involved in the field , There will be more high-quality NFT Works emerge .

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