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Love in the night

2022-06-23 23:34:45Photography

This is the location of the first major project that Xinsu is really responsible for in the new company , He has been here for two years . Next week, , Xinsu will move to Jinhua City as required by the company , It should also be responsible for and give consideration to two general consultative management projects .

There are many streams in the city where Xinsu is now stationed 、 Bridge over , and , Most buildings are not too high , The building spacing is also relatively large , This makes Xin Su feel better than su 、 Shanghai 、 Hangzhou and other mega cities are still relatively loose 、 Quiet and comfortable !

Usually , After dinner, Xinsu will go out for a walk around the Huaxi River behind the building . Walk slowly or quickly along the footpaths on both sides of Huaxi River , You can naturally feel the fresh air on the Bank of Huaxi River at night 、 A gentle breeze 、 Quiet and far away . Travel around Huaxi , I will feel that the fatigue of the working day has quietly subsided a lot .

Because I will be transferred out of the site next week , So Xinsu deliberately walked along the place where he often walked at night by the Huaxi River last night . It can also be regarded as the new Soviet Union silently remembering or gently saying goodbye to the city ……

The night is deep , The wind is gentle ; The scenery is sparkling , People depend on . Or Huaxi , It's still the old scene , But , They have become more and more popular with Xinsu !

A person , I have no relatives here 、 Cities without friends have been working quietly for a long time , Not only have I met people who often cooperate , More familiar with the surrounding scenery . Last night, , On the edge of Huaxi after the rain , Xinsu faintly realized : People cannot communicate at will 、 Appreciation and closeness , And this stream 、 This bridge 、 The tree and other scenery can be familiar to him 、 Enjoy it with your heart 、 Phrasing comments , And he is always equal to them 、 Depend on each other 、 There is nothing to ask of each other . Although there are feelings but no words , But more than a thousand words !

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